Netizens Against The Yearly Dog Meat Festival In China

Netizens are against the yearly dog meat festival in China where 10,000 dogs and cats will be butchered. Netizens say that this is animal cruelty.

Some Local Philippine celebrities showed their support against the dog meat festival.

Pictures were taken where the dogs were placed in a cramped kennel in a market in Yulin China. Some were already butchered and piled up in one place.

The Dog Meat Festival earned a lot of criticism from social media.

The Dog Meat Festival is celebrated yearly in China in the belief that this will bring additional luck to the people. It is said that eating dog meat is good for health.

Various petitions were made via social media asking the Chinese authorities to stop the festival. One of such petitions almost has 3 million supporters.

Some animal rights activists even bought a few dogs in Yulin China just to save them from being killed.

Netizens twitted “Stop Yulin 2015” and “Stop Yulin Forever'” which trended.

Heart Evangelista who is a dog lover is also against the tradition. She said that the people must serve as the voice of these dogs and cats.

In an Instagram post by Carla Abellana, she said that dogs are a friend and not food.

Martin Del Rosario cannot believe what he saw and said that you can feel your dog’s love for you.

Mark Herras who owns a chihuahua named Badboy said this kind of dog treatment is heartless.

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  1. Look no further. in the Philippines, you’ll see dog carcasses in the middle of the roads. Hypocrisy!

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