Pag-Ibig Balik Savings: All Your Pag-Ibig Savings Will Be Returned To You

What is Pag-Ibig Balik Savings?

Pag-Ibig Balik SavingsĀ  means when you, a Pag-Ibig member who has been continuously contributing to the Pag-Ibig Fund and reaches the age of 65, you can claim all of your
monthly contributions and that of your employer’s contribution as well as all the dividends earned.

pag-ibig balik savings
Pag-Ibig Balik Savings : Photo Owner (Pag-Ibig Fund)

In order to to Claim your savings under the Pag-Ibig Balik Savings, You need
to do the following:


1. Get a copy of the provident benefits claim form from any branches of the
Pag-Ibig Fund.

You may download the form from the Pag-Ibig Fund Website.


2. Fill-up the form and submit it to the nearest Pag-Ibig Fund office.
Enclosed a copy of 2 valid ID’s.


3. Processing of your balik savings application will take 6 days.


4. After the processing period, you can personally go and claim your check
or withdraw your money through an ATM using your landbank cash card or Pag-Ibig
Citi prepaid card. The choice is your to make.