PLDT MyDsl Slow Internet Connection

  PLDT MyDsl sometimes has very low internet connection speed.   Granting that you have subscribed to the PLDT speedster plan, your theoretical speed should be 5MB per second at most.   But sometimes there are days when PLDT internet speed is so slow.   Some of the reasons for PLDT MyDsl Slow Internet Connection Are  the following:… Read More »

PLDT DSL Plan 990 Speed

PLDT DSL Plan 990 is the most affordable dsl internet plan offered by PLDT.   All other dsl internet plan is above that amount.   Most of all the internet plans offered by PLDT are stand alone plans, it is not bundled with a telephone line.   PLDT DSL Plan 990 comes bundled with a telephone line.  … Read More »

Passenger Jeepney Hit By 2 Bus 28 Injured

  A Passenger Jeepney with no less than 20 passengers on board was hit by two trucks while traversing Cavitex.   The Jeepney was crumpled like a tin can.   Initial investigation revealed that the passenger jeepney was traversing the 3rd lane going North of Cavitex (An Expressway Going South of Metro Manila) when one of its tire… Read More »

Philippine Truckers Association Disappointed

  The LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) prohibited For-Hire Trucks more than 15 years or more from operating in Philippine highways.   Philippine Truckers Association protested. The Truck operators conducted a small program in front of the LTFRB office to let there sentiments be heard.   The protesters caravan of more or less 200 trucks caused… Read More »