Lucrecia R. Kasilag

Remembering the life and works of National Artist for Music Lucrecia R. Kasilag on her 14th death anniversary. Lucrecia Kasilag was an educator, composer, performing artist, administrator, and cultural entrepreneur of national and international caliber, who involved herself wholly in sharpening the Filipino‚Äôs appreciation of music. She pioneered the task of discovering Filipino roots through … Read more

168th Birth Anniversary of Marcelo H. Del Pilar

Today, August 30 is the 168th birth anniversary of Marcelo H. Del Pilar. Today we commemorate Marcelo H. del Pilar who left remarkable legacies as a prominent philosopher and renowned historical figure. Today, we do our heroes proud. With the Freedom of Information Program, attaining accurate information is now easy. Marcelo H. Del Pilar birth … Read more

Makar Wharf Construction Completed

The rehabilitation, upgrading, and construction of the Makar Wharf in General Santos City has already been completed, while the construction of the port operations building is now 97.25% complete!   The project to rehabilitate, upgrade and construction of the Makar Wharf started on March 2017.   The Makar Wharf, centrally located at the tip of … Read more


Ambahan is an indigenous poetry of the Hanunoo Mangyan of the province of Mindoro. It is inscribed using an ancient syllabic script derived from India. It is now listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Registry. The Ambahan has seven syllables and is inscribed onto bamboo segments, nodes, musical instruments, or other materials using … Read more

111th birth anniversary of President Ramon Magsaysay

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines is marking the 111th birth anniversary of President Ramon Magsaysay this Friday, 31 August 2018, at his childhood home, now the Museo ni Ramon Magsaysay in Castillejos, Zambales. Among the highlights of the event is the unveiling of a new full-body statue of the former president and the … Read more