Luisito Espinosa Attained Justice At Last

Luisito Espinosa attained justice at last when the Court of Appeals ordered that the heirs of his promoter in his 1997 title fight pay.   After 21 years of a boxing career, Luisito Espinosa failed to save enough for his daily living expenses. He ended his career in the year 2005.   The sad part … Read more

Thief In Tanauan Batangas Publicly Humiliated

An Alleged thief in Tanauan Batangas was publicly humiliated. He was paraded in the street with handcuffs while carrying a placard hanging from his neck. It is written on the placard the phrase “do not do what I did” This act was condemned by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). The man allegedly stole an … Read more

Illegal Excavation In Antipolo City Discovered

An illegal excavation was discovered in a house in Antipolo.   The excavation was discovered by the neighbors of the house from where the illegal excavation is being conducted.   The house from where the illegal excavation is being done is located in Sitio Tanza Uno Barangay San Jose in Antipolo City.   The Leomera … Read more

Big Time Oil Price Hike Looming?

Big-time oil price hike looming this week. Motorists and oil consumers asked how much? The big 3 Philippine oil companies have not announced any price increase but it is believed that the looming increase in petroleum products is substantial, especially gasoline. Department of Energy data indicates that the increase in petroleum products is higher than … Read more

Wife Mauled By Husband In Iriga City Camarines Sur

A Wife mauled by her husband was caught by CCTV in a corner of a street in Iriga City Camarines Sur. The CCTV showed a woman who sat in front of a building. She was followed by her husband and a few minutes later, the husband pulled the woman who turned out to be his … Read more