Channing Tatum Excited To Visit The Philippines

  Channing Tatum and Arnold Schwarzenegger are excited to visit the Philippines.   Arnold Schwarzenegger said that as soon as somebody will invite him to go to the Philippines, he will go. He is looking forward to someday go to the Philippines.   He further said that he has visited just a few Asian countries and he would… Read More »

Bacnotan La Union Severely Damaged By Typhoon Egay

  Residents of Bacnotan La Union and the entire La Union Province, the Philippines is afraid of the coming typhoon “Falcon” since the province has not yet recovered from the devastations caused by Typhoon “Egay”.   Ildefonsa Almirol’s family from Bacnotan La Union suffered a double tragedy.   Last week, her son died and then her house was… Read More »

Philippine Stars Bootylicious Figure Secret Revealed

  Bootylicious body is what some Philippine stars desire.   If the United States have Kim Kardashian and Beyonce whose bootylicious body is envied by most women, the Philippines Andrea Torres, Max Collins and Ruffa Mae Quinto are not that far behind.   What are there secrets of having a bootylicious figure?   These Philippine stars definitely brought… Read More »

Jennylyn Mercado Preparing For The Big FHM Event

  Jennylyn Mercado won as the FHM magazines sexiest woman of the year.   She said that she will be wearing a very sexy clothes in the coming event.   The Question is whether or not she will invite her former boyfriend Dennis Trillo.   Jennylyn Mercado was surprised by her love-ones and fans in one party to… Read More »

Use of Waist Trainer by Philippine Celebrities

  Some Local Philippine celebrities are using a waist trainer or corset but excessive use of this product has bad effect to health.   Some local celebrities uses a waist trainer to look sexy. One such user is the Philippine star Rhian Ramos. In one episode of the tv series “The Richman’s Daughter” where she is walking through… Read More »

Former MRT General Manager To Be Charged By Ombudsman

  Former MRT General Manager Al Vitangcol III is wanted by the ombudsman charged for graft and corruption.   The MRT General Manager Al Vitangcol III allegedly given the maintenance contract of the MRT to one company in which he has a relative.   This is not allowed under the law. The MRT General Manager violated the provision… Read More »

Passenger Boat Capsized In Ormoc Leyte Philippines

  A Passenger Boat capsized in Ormoc Leyte, the Philippines.   It is believed that 36 passengers might be dead. 19 more passengers are being searched including the boat Captain. The Figures came from the NDRRMC/PCG.   The Passenger Boat capsized due to strong waves.   The Passenger Boat just leave the wharf when it capsized.   Authorities… Read More »

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas Said Thanks To Mayor Binay

  DILG Secretary Mar Roxas said thank you to Makati Mayor Junjun Binay for leaving the Makati City Hall and for obeying the law.   The Secretary said that the authorities will not prevent Mayor Junjun Binay from entering the City Hall in case the Court of Appeals issues a (TRO) Temporary Restraining Order.   Secretary Mar Roxas… Read More »

Manny Pacquiao 2nd Highest Paid Celebrity

  Manny Pacquiao is now the 2nd highest paid celebrity in the world.   This is according to the latest forbes highest celebrity in the world article.   Manny Pacquaio earned $160 Million US Dollar.   Manny Pacquiao is followed by the American singer Katy Perry who earned $135  million dollar.   Among Those Included In The Top… Read More »