Pagpamanday | National Museum WV, @natmuseum.wv

Blacksmithing or “pagpamanday” is considered an ancient tradition in Badiangan, Iloilo. Its town festival celebrated every 3rd week of June pays homage to this indigenous industry that became its lifeblood and a form of creative expression of its people.

So steeped was their tradition in blade-making that their ancestors produced different kinds of bolo or “binangon” with specific uses, among which the wood-cutting and gardening variety like the “Wasay” for lumber work and cutting bigger trees, while the “Binakuko” is used for chopping wood; “Sinuwak” and “Ginunting” for carpentry and cutting shrubs and smaller trees; and “Linamay” “Surot” and “Balintawak” for gardening.

They have knives for kitchen use like the “Tangkap” and “Pinuti,” which are specifically used for slicing meat, and of course, a special blade for farming, called “Kayog” which they use to harvest rice.

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