Pantaleon Villegas also known as Leon Kilat

leon kilat
Pantaleon Villegas also known as Leon Kilat | @grupokalinangan

Pantaleon Villegas, also known as Leon Kilat, is one of the Katipuneros who led the Katipunan in Cebu, being appointed by General Emilio Aguinaldo. Born in Bacong, Negros Oriental on July 27, 1873, he worked for a drug store and a bakery before joining a circus owned by Tagalogs wherein among them is a katipunero.

According to his relatives in Negors, he had an exceptional ability to appear and disappear out of nowhere in places using his handkerchief like a magic carpet, where his moniker “Kilat” came from.

The battles he took experienced setbacks until they retreated to the town of Carcar, Cebu, where Leon Kilat was killed on Good Friday of 1898 by the Cebuano traitors.

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