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This delicacy is popular during Holy Week literally means “made to appear/emerge” as it floats to the surface of boiling water when fully cooked!

literally means “made to appear/emerge”, a small flat glutinous rice cake prepared by boiling. It floats to the surface when fully cooked and is served with garnishings of sugar and grated coconut. Popular during Holy Week.
Also known as: patulbad (Candaba, Arayat, Mexico, Sasmuan), bilu-bilu
Tagálog (Filipino): palitáw

How Pépaltó Became a Holy Week Delicacy
Pépaltó (Tagálog: palitáw) became a popular Holy Week delicacy back to when the farmers were the mágdarámé (flagellant penitents). As eating pork is a cardinal sin during Holy Week, they turned to their harvests such as rice and coconut to make their food for the soul after days of dripping blood. Thus, pépaltó or patulbad became one of those popular delicacies prepared during the Holy Week.

Root Word
ALTÓ • (uhl-TOH)
(to) appear, emerge
Tagálog (Filipino): litáw

Verb Conjugation
luntó, laltó/lultó, lintó – to appear, emerge (Actor Focus)
ipaltó, pápaltó, pépaltó – to make something appear (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Lintó né ing pépaltó. [Kap]
Lumitáw na ang palitáw. [Tag]
The pépaltó/palitaw already emerged. [Eng]

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