Portuguese Pedrero

portuguese pedrero
Portuguese Pedrero | @natmuseumph

Portuguese Pedrero

Last week’s Maritime Monday at the National Museum Philippines was focused on the Portuguese Pedrero, a breech-loading swivel gun, found at the San Diego shipwreck. The term breech-loading refers to the specific parts of the barrel of a gun found at the rear end where charges and projectiles are loaded.

The archaeological study is very important in supporting the accurate interpretation of past events, which helps in reconstructing our history. When a site is disturbed or pilfered, we lose information forever without the significant context to assist us in piecing together our story.

This is much more valuable than the selfish individual’s monetary gain or enriching their personal collections. Our heritage and recounting its narrative through material culture benefits future generations and our aspirations as a nation. If you see or have knowledge of sites being looted, report to your local government authorities immediately or contact the closest NMP office near you.

Poster and Text by Nero Austero/NMP MUCHD
Photos © Frederic Osada, Gilbert Fournier, Franck Goddio/World Wide First (WWF)

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