Presidential Survey Senator Grace Poe And VP Binay Almost Tie

According to the Presidential survey conducted by the Ibon Foundation, Senator Grace Poe was merely behind by .1% against Vice President Jejomar Binay.

The result of the Presidential survey conducted last January makes Vice President Jejomar Binay ahead by almost 50% against Senator Grace Poe.

In the January Presidential survey, Vice President Jejomar Binay got 12.6% while Senator Grace Poe got 6.7%.

The latest survey result conducted in the month of May showed that Vice President Jejomar Binay got 13.8% while Senator Grace Poe got 13.7% which is very close.

The survey sample was conducted from May 13 to May 23.

Here Are The Top 4 Potential Presidentiables comes 2016

1. Vice President Jejomar Binay – 13.8%

2. Senator Grace Poe – 13.7%

3. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte – 7.6%

4. Secretary Mar Roxas – 3.8%

The total number of respondents from whom the Ibon Foundation got the survey result is 1,496.

Ibon Foundation clarified that no specific person or political party commissioned them to do the survey. The survey was conducted on their own.

Those who were surveyed were not given names from which the respondents would choose.

The question asked in the survey is that if the Presidential election is to be held today, who will they write in the ballot box.

The reason for Vice President Jejomar Binay’s decline in survey results was his failure to sufficiently answer all the allegations of corruption against him and the sudden rise in the popularity of Senator Grace Poe.

Sonny Africa of the Ibon Foundation said that the result of the Presidential survey will dramatically change once the names of those who came out in the survey will declare or file their candidacy.