Rights of Sea Passengers

rights of sea passengers
Rights of Sea Passengers | Image Source: @PIADesk


What are the rights of sea passengers?

Sea travel remains a popular mode of transportation for many Filipinos considering that it is an archipelagic country consisting of more than 7,000 islands. It is therefore important to know your rights as passengers to ensure your protection during your sea travel.

3 Rights Of A Sea Passenger

Right 1

A sea passenger with canceled or delayed voyage has the right to information, as well as the right to refund or right to revalidation of their tickets.

first right of sea passengers

Right 2

If the sea passengers choose to revalidate their tickets, they may also avail of the right to amenities such as snacks or meals and free accommodation if deemed necessary, while waiting for their rescheduled trip.


second right of a sea passengerRight 3

Sea passengers of an uncompleted voyage have the right to information, the right to amenities, the right to compensation, as well as the right to be transported to their destination.

third right of a sea passenger