Rizal Park Manila

Rizal Park Manila
Rizal Park Manila | @grupokalinangan

Rizal Park Manila is one of the most visited landmarks in the Philippines.

The Rizal Monument is the centerpiece of the park, honoring our National Hero, Jose Rizal. The monument has been a testimony to the nation’s historical events, including the hoisting of the Philippine Flag during the Philippine Independence from the Americans, where it took place to the location of the Flagpole where it now stands. Every Independence Day, the key government officials lead the flag-raising ceremony at this monument.

Originally called Bagumbayan, this barely habitable marshland next to Intramuros was converted into a field with walkways in the 19th century.

It was a popular spot for evening promenades converging from the surrounding towns. The space was formally named Paseo de Alfonso XIII, but it was popularly known as Paseo de Luneta or the Luneta for short.

Luneta also served the dual role of becoming the colonial capital’s execution grounds. It witnessed the death of GOMBURZA and Jose Rizal among many others.