Salisi Gang Strikes Again

The Modus Operandi of the Salisi Gang was caught on CCTV.

The Crime usually committed by these gangs is theft. Theft is generally committed when you get something that does not belong to you and you do this without the owner’s consent or permission and no force is employed upon the person of the victim.

The new modus operandi of these salisi gang is that they usually operate in malls and fast-food chains.

The one caught in a fast-food chain operates with the help of a child.

One gang member together with a child will sit at a vacant table in a fast-food pretending to be waiting for their order.

When they find a suitable victim from whom they can get something valuable like bags and cellphones, they will let the child go and pretend to run and go after the child which will then stop in front of the intended victim. The distracted victim will divert the attention to the child and are unaware that the others will now get their things without their knowledge.

Be sure to hold your things or personal valuables at all times and never leave it out of sight.

These types of crimes are easily committed by these salisi gang because of the opportunity provided by the victims getting destructed.

These salisi gang and other thieves intending to commit crime may have all the intention in the world to steal but if you will remove them or deny them the opportunity to do so, then their intention may never materialize.

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