Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile Released After Paying P1.45 M


Philippine Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is released after paying P1.45 million bail bond.


Senator Juan Ponce Enrile was arrested for his alleged participation in the pork barrel scam.


Plunder is supposedly a non-bailable offense but the Philippine Supreme Court has spoken.


The Supreme Court granted the petition of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile to post bail subject to terms and conditions it has specified.

Bail is the security given for the release of a person in custody of the law, furnished by him or a bondsman, to guarantee his appearance before any court as required under the conditions specified.

Bail may be given in the form of a corporate surety, property bond, cash deposit or recognizance.


A person is in the custody of law when he has been arrested or otherwise deprived of his freedom or when he has voluntarily submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the court by surrendering to the proper authorities.


Senator Juan Ponce Enrile allegedly committed the crime of Plunder and Graft.

Graft is a form of political corruption. It is the unscrupulous use of a politician’s authority for personal gain.

Plunder is committed when a public officer like a Senator acquires ill-gotten wealth through a combination or series of overt or criminal acts in the aggregate amount or total value of at least 50 million pesos.


Senator Juan Ponce Enrile will go home in his house in Makati City to take a few days of rest and he is planning to go back to his work as Senator next week.