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Watch: The first episode of Real Stories: PDEA Files, “ShaBukid”. Shabukid is short for Shabu Sa Bukid (Shabu in the field/farm) Here is the LINK to the video. Look/Watch the story behind ShaBukid, or “Shabu in the Farm” in Ibaan, Batangas, where a laboratory was found manufacturing shabu. Shabu, a slang term for the drug methamphetamine commonly use… Read More »

Is It Time To Restore the Death Penalty In The Philippines?

Is it time to restore the death penalty in the Philippines? This is the matter discussed this Friday in the DZMM “Usapang de Campanilla”  program. Will the imposition of the death penalty solve the drug problem plaguing the Philippines? It was January last year that the proposal restoring the death penalty in the Philippines was made. According to… Read More »

Fake MMDA Traffic Enforcer

A Fake MMDA Traffic Enforcer whose identity is still unknown was reportedly apprehending motorists in Caloocan City for the purpose of extorting money.   In this regard, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) warned the public against these unscrupulous persons posing as legitimate MMDA traffic enforcers.   The Motorists were apprehended by a bogus traffic enforcer who issued… Read More »