Kapampangan Murcon

Kapampangan Murcon Murcon is a roulade of ground pork or beef, chorizo, boiled eggs, cheese, and raisins wrapped in the fatty membrane of the entrails and cooked by steaming. The Kapampangan Murcon is more similar to the Filipino Embutido and after it is sliced, the drippings from the steamer will be poured with oil. The … Read more


Biringyi The Kapampangan paella has its roots in the precolonial biryani dishes from South Asia. It is made from rice and glutinous rice (lakatan) mixtures cooked in coconut milk (gata), turmeric (ange), chicken, and chicken stock, and topped with a sliced boiled egg. You may want to read: Paella Chavacana

Utak Utak

Utak Utak Tausug dishes deserve the spotlight for their rich diversity of flavors. Utak utak is a spiced fish cake made of shredded tuna meat mixed with spices and grated coconut meat. Ingredients are shaped either by hand or by using banana leaves then coated in a flour-egg-water combination for frying. Each bite is a … Read more

Tausug Pastil

Tausug Pastil Zamboanga is a repository of ethnolinguistic groups from Mindanao, enriching the destination’s foods and cultures. Meet the Tausug pastil, which resembles an empanada in a savory version. Call it a vegan empanada filled with sauteed mung bean sprouts encased in crispy dough. What makes it exciting? It is served with a bottle of … Read more

Tamal de Zamboanga

Tamales have always been referred to in plural form but not in the case of Zamboanga. What makes their version unique? Use ground glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, hibe (dried shrimp), glass noodles filling, and a slice of egg. All ingredients are delicately wrapped in banana leaves for steaming, best eaten as breakfast or … Read more