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10 Ways to reduce cancer risk

Ways to reduce cancer risk   Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Yet, many of these deaths can be avoided.   Between 30-50% of cancers are preventable by healthy lifestyle choices.   Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines.   The leading causes of death in the… Read More »

November is Malaria Awareness Month in the Philippines

November is Malaria Awareness Month in the Philippines.   Malaria is a life-threatening disease transmitted through the bites of female Anopheles mosquitoes. Symptoms usually appear 10-15 days after the infective mosquito bite.   Symptoms of Malaria   The classic symptoms of Malaria are fever headache chills   The symptoms of malaria typically appear 10 to 15 days after… Read More »

The Unhealthy School Drink Environment

Children are exposed to unhealthy school drink environment because of High availability of unhealthy option (for example sugary drinks) Aggressive marketing of sugary drinks (advertising,sponsorship,promotion) Low availability or absence of safe drinking water. Instead of sugary drinks, children should drinkwater to stay healthy and quench thirst.   Sugary drinks often provide unnecessary calories, and in the case of… Read More »

Avail of the Newborn Screening Service

Every first week of October,National Newborn Screening Week is observed as declared by Proclamation No. 540, s. 2004.   Avail of the Newborn Screening service. Save your baby from future illnesses!   Newborn Screening has been available in the Philippines since 1996. This enables early detection of several inheritable conditions and congenital metabolic disorders which could lead to… Read More »

Philhealth members warned versus disclosing philhealth info

Philhealth members were warned against disclosing Philhealth Information.   The Philhealth or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, in its advisory No.2018-0059 warned its members against disclosing Philhealth information.   Philhealth Advisory No.2018-0059 We have received reports about certain lending agencies requesting for Philhealth information specifically the applicant’s name and Philhealth identification Number in order to expedite the process of… Read More »