Dayat February 2 is World Wetlands Day, and wetlands are one of the most essential features of the Kapampángan landscape. As the “people/place of riverbanks”, Kapampángan culture and livelihood have been centered on these wetlands, ranging from natural ones such as swamps and marshes to man-made ones such as irrigated fields. DÁYAT • (DAH-yuht)irrigated fieldsTagálog … Read more


Tiup During the amian or cool dry season of Kapampángans, you’ll often hear this word as the “tiup” or breeze of wind is getting cooler! TIUP • (choop)breeze; light cool windTagálog (Filipino): símoy Example SentenceMarimlá ya ing tiup ning angin. [Kap]Malamíg ang símoy ng hángin. [Tag]The breeze of wind is cool. [Eng] You may want … Read more

Question Words in Kapampangan

Since it’s International Ask a Question Day, let’s learn about the different interrogatives or question words in Kapampangan and Tagálog! NÁNU – WhatTagálog (Filipino): anó NÍNU – Who, Whom, WhoseTagálog (Filipino): síno (who), níno (whom, whose) NÚ / NÓ / NÚKARIN / NÓKARIN – WhereTagálog (Filipino): saán; násaan (locative) ÓBÁKIT / ÓBAT / ÓT – … Read more


Anam kapampangan.words (instagram) just reached 6,000+ followers! Thank you so much! How do you say “six” in your language? ÁNAM • (AH-nuhm)sixTagálog (Filipino): ánim You may want to read: 2 Important Philippine Telephone Numbers You Need To Know


Ulas How do you say “blanket” in your language? ULAS • (oo-luhs)blanketTagálog (Filipino): kúmot Derived WordMAKAULAS • (muh-kuh-oo-LUHS)blanketedTagálog (Filipino): nakakúmot Verb Conjugationmagulas, mágulas, mégulas – to put a blanket on oneself (Actor Focus)ulasan, úlasan, inulasan – to put a blanket on someone/something (Object Focus)manulas, mánulas, ménulas – to put a blanket on someone/something (Actor Focus) … Read more