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On this day, July 8

  On this day, July 8, in 1987, the US government bars exiled dictator Ferdinand Marcos from leaving Hawaii because of concerns that he is trying to destabilize the Corazon Aquino government in the Philippines. The move was prompted by a report to the Justice Department by two lawyers, who posed as arms dealers, about their conversation with… Read More »

On this day, July 5

  In a communiqué to the General Headquarters (GHQ) on this day, July 5, in 1945, Field Marshall Douglas MacArthur declares the liberation of the entire Philippines from Japanese occupation. The liberation of the Philippines, which took the Americans more than eight months to accomplish, began with the Leyte Landings on Oct. 20, 1944. It culminated in the… Read More »

On this day, July 3

  On this day, July 3, in 1892, Filipino reformist Dr. Jose Rizal founded the progressive organization La Liga Filipina at the house of Doroteo Ongjunco in Ilaya Street, Tondo, Manila. The organization aims to push for reforms in the Philippines and foster unity among Filipinos through mutual aid, protection, and self-help. Among its members include Andres Bonifacio,… Read More »

On this day, July 1

  On this day, July 1, in 1902, the United States Congress enacted the Philippine Organic Act, authored by Rep. Henry Allen Cooper (R-Wisconsin). The law established the Insular Government of the Philippine Islands and served as its basic law. The law also established a bicameral Philippine legislature composed of the Philippine Commission and the Philippine Assembly. The… Read More »

On this day, June 26

  On this day, June 26, in 1945, the Philippines signed the United Nations (UN) Charter,  with future UN General Assembly President and Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Carlos P. Romulo representing the Philippine Commonwealth delegation. The Philippines is one of the 51 founding members of the UN.   1892 On this day, June 26, in 1892, Dr. Jose… Read More »