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On This Day, May 29

  On this day, May 29, in 1936, aviators Juan Calvo and Antonio Arnaiz became the first Filipinos to fly to Madrid, Spain onboard the plane Commonwealth. The first Filipinos to fly to Madrid, Spain The first successful aerial journey from Spain to Manila took place in May 1926, when the Legazpi first landed in Manila. This feat… Read More »

On This Day, May 20

  On this day, May 20, in 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo, leader of the revolutionary forces in the Philippines, issued a decree creating the Philippine Revolutionary Navy. Its first naval vessel consisted of a pinnace (small sailboat) from the Spanish flagship Reina Cristina that was captured and donated to the Philippines by the US Asiatic Squadron. He renamed the… Read More »

On This Day, May 17

  On this day, May 17, in 1897, newly appointed Governor-General of the Philippines Fernando Primo de Rivera issued a decree granting a general amnesty to all Filipino revolutionaries who would surrender to the Spanish government. Most of the revolutionaries ignored the decree, prompting Rivera to launch a major offensive against them in Cavite. Emilio Aguinaldo, President of… Read More »

On This Day, May 16

  On this day, May 16, in 1584, Santiago de Vera, the first president of the Real Audiencia, began his term as the sixth Governor-General of the Philippines after his appointment following the death of his predecessor Gonzalo Ronquillo de Peñalosa. During his term, the wooden palisade that protected Manila from foreign incursions was rebuilt in 1590 using… Read More »

On This Day, May 14

  On this day, May 14, in 1850, Filipino dentist, reformist, and patron of the arts Bonifacio Flores Arevalo was born. He learned dentistry from his uncle and foster father Don Jose Arevalo (also known as Capitan Cheng-Cheng), the first Filipino dentist. He was elected treasurer of La Liga Filipina and founder of the Sociedad Dental de Filipinas.… Read More »