On This Day, June 11

On this day, June 11, 2005, whistleblower and former National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)  Deputy Director Samuel Ong sought shelter at the San Carlos Seminary in Guadalupe, Makati. The day before he revealed he had the “Mother of All Tapes” containing the alleged full wiretapped conversation of Election Commissioner Virgilio Garcellano and Philippine President Gloria … Read more

On This Day, June 9

On this day, June 9, in 1919, The Philippine Women’s University was founded. Today, June 9, 2019, is the 100th founding anniversary of this great school. The Philippine Women’s University is the Philippines’ first private tertiary education institution for women. It was founded on this day in 1919 by a group of Filipino women composed … Read more

On This Day, May 30

On this day, May 30, in 1892,Fernando Amorsolo, a Filipino painter and National Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts, was born in Paco, Manila. He is considered one of the most celebrated painters of his time. Along with his younger brother Pablo, he learned painting from their uncle, painter Fabian de la Rosa. He … Read more

On This Day, May 29

On this day, May 29, in 1936, aviators Juan Calvo and Antonio Arnaiz became the first Filipinos to fly to Madrid, Spain onboard the plane Commonwealth. The first Filipinos to fly to Madrid, Spain The first successful aerial journey from Spain to Manila took place in May 1926, when the Legazpi first landed in Manila. … Read more

On This Day, May 20

On this day, May 20, in 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo, leader of the revolutionary forces in the Philippines, issued a decree creating the Philippine Revolutionary Navy. Its first naval vessel consisted of a pinnace (small sailboat) from the Spanish flagship Reina Cristina that was captured and donated to the Philippines by the US Asiatic Squadron. He … Read more