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Visit Talisayen Cove in San Antonio, Zambales. Most of the people who have been there will tell you that the place is clean, peaceful and the people are kind.

A Php2,000 budget for an overnight stay is enough.A commute to Pundaquit (Pundakit) will take you 4 hours and a boat to talisayen will take you 1 hour.

Pundaquit (Pundakit) is one of the 14 barangay of the municipality of San Antonio,  province of Zambales.

Pundaquit (Pundakit)is nestled in the navel of the Zambales coastline, a Spanish Light House from the 1800s is found atop the “Islas de Punta Capones.” This is reminiscent of places such as “Sierra Leone.” Zambales is also home to the famous Crystal Beach surf in the town of San Narciso. This surf spot is known as a “surfing paradise” closest to Manila.(Wiki)

Most of the package tour you will find includes:

• back and forth boat service
• entry fee is good for 2 days and 1 night
• accommodation (cottage/s)
• free usage of kitchen utensils
• free charcoal
• free firewood
• availability of clean washrooms& freshwater
• generator after sunset for the supply of electricity
• pleasant and relaxing environment

You may contact Paul | Mikael | Lyn | Jaynelyn at the following numbers if interested.
– 0939-902-5399 – (Smart)
– 0917-591-9524 – (Globe)

Tour package rate are listed as follows:


1 Person – Php2,000
2 Person – Php3,500
Up to 6p Person – Php5,000/group
7 Person – Php800/head
8 Person to 9 Person – Php700/head
10 Person and above – Php600/head