Victorio Edades

Victorio Edades
Victorio Edades | @nmenmindanao

NATIONAL ARTIST FROM MINDANAO. Did you know that National Artist for Visual Arts-Painting Victorio Edades settled in Davao after his retirement as an educator?

He is known as the Father of Modern Arts in the Philippines. A lot of his paintings portray the hardships of the working class using somber and dark colors of bold strokes. He is also one of those who led the growth of mural painting in the country. He was born in Pangasinan but settled in Davao after his retirement.

Pioneering modernism in the Philippine art scene, he boldly conducted in 1928 a solo exhibit at the Philippine Columbia Club in Ermita, Manila to introduce his modern art upon his return to the country after years of stay in the United States. During that time, viewers and critics, mostly used to conservative and impressionist styles, were surprised, and not one painting was sold.

He was a Filipino painter who led the revolutionary Thirteen Moderns and engaged their classical compatriots in a heated debate over the nature and function of art.

NA Edades’ unparalleled contribution and achievement in Philippine Art have been highly recognized by the country, declaring him National Artist for Painting on March 27, 1976.

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