What Do Stars Like Glaiza De Castro Do When It Rains?

By | July 11, 2015


Philippines is a country hit by more than 20 Typhoons each year.


When it rains hard, classes in all year levels are suspended.


Workers in different industries are allowed to absent themselves

from work.


But what do some Philippine stars like Glaiza De Castro do when

it rains hard?


Glaiza De Castro said that she reads book. She presently reads

a book authored by incumbent Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor



Glaiza De Castro usually do jogging every morning when the

weather is good and it is not raining.


She emphasized the importance of reading to educate one’s self

and to find ways to learn everyday.


Benjamin Alves hobby is biking but when it rains, he prefers to

just stay at home and read something. He said that he always gets

something out of reading even if it is an old book. He further

said that if you want to learn something, you need to have a



Rhian Ramos admitted that she was a brat before because she

used to go out even if it is raining. She is now aware of what

is happening around her and she does not ignore warnings from

weather news updates.


She further said that she always prepares something which she

might give to help others in need because you will never know

what will happen in case of extreme weather and calamities.


Janine Gutierrez on the other hand said that when it rains, she

usually spend her time bonding with her entire family. When

it rains, it usually causes flood and heavy traffic so she just

stays home when nothing important to go to.

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