Yasmien Kurdi, Devoted Mother To A Lovely Daughter

Yasmien Kurdi has more time now to look after her baby girl and more time to do exercise.


Yasmien Yuson Kurdi-Soldevilla, popularly known as Yasmien Kurdi, is an award-winning Filipina actress, voice actress, singer-songwriter and commercial model.


She was born on January 25, in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. She is married to Rey Soldevilla, Jr. since the year 2012.


Yasmien Kurdi is able to maintain her sexy body despite being a mother.


She was very busy the past year with her work in the GMA show remake “Yagit”. With the Finale of the afternoon tv series “Yagit”, Yasmien Kurdi has more time for herself.


She is a workaholic. She admitted that she has been working for 2 straight years without rest and vacation. She spends more time with her daughter Ayesha now that all her tapings are finished. She confessed that her child Ayesha wants her to personally bath her.


She said that despite her stress and fatigue from her work, she is able to take care of her body.


Yasmien Kurdi said that her secret is dancing. She admitted that she is lazy doing routine workout like weights. She mainly do dance workout and Zumba.


Zumba is an aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.


Yasmien said that she might go back to recording and she will be working on her next single.


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