Balon de Santa Lucia

balon de santa lucia
Balon de Santa Lucia | @natmuseumph

Balon de Santa Lucia

Only a few Spanish-colonial churches in the Philippines have water wells.

The National Museum of the Philippines feature one of the wells, a richly decorated arch known as Balon de Santa Lucia, for today’s Built Tradition Thursday.

It is among the assemblage of structures in the Nuestra Señora de Caysasay Church-Convent complex in Taal, Batangas, collectively declared as a National Cultural Treasure.

Balong de Santa Lucia’s Architectural Features:

  1. Richly carved coral-stone relief, featuring the Our Lady of Caysasay surrounded with foliage and angels;
  2. A coral-stone arch structure on adobe-stone rectangular base;
  3. Twin waterwell.

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