Kalabaw by Vicente Manansala

Kalabaw by Vicente Manansala  Did you know the carabao symbolizes diligence and determination? Keep it up! We’re almost there. Photo: “Kalabaw” (1965) by Vicente S. Manansala. On loan from the collection of the Philippine Center New York. You may want to read: Breeds of Carabao in the Philippines


Bugasong LIGO NA! It’s Friday! So, get up, and let’s honor our ancestors by taking a good bath. Did you know that bathing was a favorite activity of our grannies? In his photobook Recuerdos de Filipinas, Felíx Laureano observed how people, regardless of age, bathe in the morning, at noontime, after a day’s work in … Read more

A Diver’s Tale

A Diver’s Tale As factures of memories, motives, and intents, contemporary artist Mike Garcia’s pieces for A Diver’s Tale at the NCCA Gallery in September 2022 are synaptic relays of sums and parts. Mike introduces us to his version of El Nido, Palawan — the place still being a common synecdoche of our nation-state for … Read more

Satoran: Maranao Chess

During their leisure time, the sultan or datu play the satoran or chess with the members of the family in the torogan. The Malay names of the pieces were retained suck as datu for king, menteri for bishop and teer for the tower. The forms are also based on okir motifs that the horse (kuda) … Read more

Longest Running Philippine Teleseryes of All-Time

Longest Running Philippine Teleseryes of All-Time FPJsAngProbinsyano (6 years, 11 months) AnnaLuna (5 years, 10 months) MaraClara (4 years, 5 months) Esperanza (2 years, 5 months) Be Careful With My Heart (2 years, 4 months) You may want to read: Films with the most nominations at FAMAS