Kanta Happy World Music Day! Here are two words for “song” in Kapampángan! Atin Cu Pung Singsing (Kapampángan Folk Song) performed by world-renowned Kapampángan singer Lea Salonga (@msleasalonga) KANTA • (kuhn-TUH)song; (to) singTagálog (Filipino): kantá EtymologyFrom Spanish canta, conjugated form of cantar “to sing” DALIT • (duh-LIT)psalm, religious song, native songTagálog (Filipino): áwit Verb Conjugationkumanta, … Read more

Venus by Guillermo Tolentino

Venus by Guillermo Tolentino This stunning sculpture in Plaster of Paris was made by no less than National Artist for Sculpture Guillermo Tolentino in 1951. Entitled “Venus,” this work of art was inspired by The Birth of Venus by Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli, who made it in 1486 for the Medici Court. Unlike Botticelli’s version … Read more

The woman behind Fernando Amorsolo’s unfinished work

The woman behind Fernando Amorsolo’s unfinished work. First National Artist’s Last Work at the National Museum. In 2018, the identity of the woman behind Fernando Amorsolo’s unfinished work was finally identified after years of research. The said work was just sitting in one of the galleries of the National Museum along with other portraits of … Read more

Ginaw Bilog

Ginaw Bilog ± (January 3, 1953 – June 3, 2003)PoetHanunuo MangyanMansalay, Oriental Mindoro Ginaw Bilog was a Hanunuo Mangyan poet from Oriental Mindoro. He vigorously promoted the elegant poetic art of the ‘Surat Mangyan’ and the ‘Ambahan’. He kept scores of the Ambahan poetry recorded for posterity. Read more: https://ncca.gov.ph/about-culture-and-arts/culture-profile/gamaba/national-living-treasures-ginaw-bilog/

Jose Joya

Jose Joya (National Artist for Visual Arts) (Born June 3, 1931) Today, June 3, 2023, is the 92nd birth anniversary of National Artist Jose T. Joya. Jose Joya was a painter and multimedia artist who distinguished himself by creating an authentic Filipino abstract idiom that transcended foreign influences. Most of Joya’s paintings of harmonious colors … Read more