Healthy Pilipinas Featured Short Films

Healthy Pilipinas Featured Short Films Ang Paboritong Pinggan ni Nanay – Directed by Carlo Catu Child’s Play – Directed by Juliene Ilagan Brand X – Directed by Keith Deligero Llegada – Directed by Ryanne Murcia and Zurich Chan Life on Moon – Directed by Sheron Dayoc Dito Ka Lang – Directed by Ice Seguerra The … Read more

Bonsai by Edith Tiempo

Bonsai by Edith Tiempo All that I loveI fold over onceAnd once againAnd keep in a boxOr a slit in a hollow postOr in my shoe.All that I love?Why, yes, but for the moment-And for all time, both.Something that folds and keeps easy,Son’s note or Dad’s one gaudy tie,A roto picture of a queen,A blue … Read more

Ramon Obusan

Ramon Obusan – National Artist for Dance. Ramon Obusan was a dancer, choreographer, stage designer, and artistic director. He achieved phenomenal success in Philippine dance and cultural work. He is also acknowledged as a researcher, archivist, and documentary filmmaker who broadened and deepened the Filipino understanding of his own cultural life and expressions. Through the … Read more


The palendag is the largest of three bamboo flutes originating from Maguindanao, and its sound has been described as melancholy and haunting. Dahil sawi sa pag-ibig,tuloy-tuloy ang luhang dalagang manghahabi –nabutas ang gamit na kawayanat naging palendag, tunog ng pighati. You may want to read: Pinagtong Kolitong

3 Main Streams of Philippine Music

3 Main Streams of Philippine Music Today as the world celebrates Music Day, enjoy and relax with music. Let us promote our own music here in the Philippines. With our rich history comes great music as well. Share your favorite Filipino Music online and express yourself. 3 Main Streams of Philippine Music Indigenous Music – … Read more