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Mary Flor Diaz wins 3 Silver Medals

Mary Flor Diaz wins 3 Silver Medals Congratulations Mary Flor Diaz for winning three silver medals in the women’s 45kg class of the 2021 Asian Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.   You may want to read: 1st Filipino to win an Olympic silver medal

Sack Race: Larong Pinoy

Sack Race: Larong Pinoy This fiesta favorite also made its way in Children’s Games (CG)! The Padada, Davao del Sur leg of this UNESCO-recognized program was a blast, with the sack race as one of its games. Having teams with an equal number of members, each participant has to jump to the finish line with his feet inside… Read More »

Luksong Tinik

Luksong Tinik: Larong Pinoy This game requires a mother, her children jumping over thorns, a backyard or any open space, and lots of jumping! The mother is the head of the team, and the other team, with its two members, will sit on the ground face-to-face to form the thorns. These thorns (fingers resembling them) should be jumped… Read More »

Karerang Takbo

  Karerang Takbo: Larong Pinoy This game stays true to the teamwork, speed, and agility themes of Filipino games tested in not just one, but three activities! This relay race features teams of equal members battling it out to finish the obstacles. The first obstacle is piko or hopscotch where members of both teams simultaneously hop on a… Read More »