IlogPasiglahin Day

IlogPasiglahin Day Join us for a special day by the Pasig River Dec. 4 (Sunday) IlogPasiglahin Day at Manila Boat Club! Showcasing tranquility & beauty of nature right in the metropolis.There’s a coffee, music, and art exhibit called “Ilog Pasig sa Mata ng mga Bata”. Gates open at 8AMProgram starts at 9:30AM, featuring:– IlogPasiglahin coalition … Read more

Noli Me Tangere Original Copy

Noli Me Tangere Original Copy Not every day you can see the original copy of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Without a doubt, Noli Me Tangere is the Philippines’ most influential novel. Consisting of 63 chapters, this novel is written by the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, exposing the atrocities of Philippine society … Read more

Rosselle Bettina Yu Lao

Rosselle Bettina Yu Lao: MGM 2022 Digital Poster Competition Winner Now that the Museums and Galleries Month 2022 is only less than a week away, let us congratulate the winner of this year’s MGM Digital Poster Competition — Rosselle Bettina Yu Lao! Her work will be used as the official poster and visual branding for … Read more

The Essence of Goodwill

The Essence of Goodwill by Teddy Boylie R. Perez  Did you know…? Our ancestors welcomed the Spanish voyagers with open arms. Fed the starving, cared for the sick and provided a home to the unrested. Hospitality is practically ingrained in Filipino DNA. Photo: “The Essence of Goodwill” (2020) by Teddy Boylie R. Perez. On display … Read more

Sarimanok ng Lahi by Bernardo A. Maac

Sarimanok ng Lahi by Bernardo A. Maac When you cram everything today because you don’t know when it’s going to rain again… Photo: “Sarimanok ng Lahi” (2020) by Bernardo A. Maac. On display at the Old Senate Hall, NMFA. Collection of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. Quincentennial Art CompetitionMinor Prize Winner in the … Read more