The Philippines becomes First Asian country for SpaceX

The Philippines becomes the First Asian country for SpaceX The Philippines becomes the First Asian country for Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Starlink is seen to accommodate areas with unserved internet access through its high-speed, low-latency satellite internet. You may want to read: Only Country In Asia That Does Not Produce Vaccines

Only Country in Asia that does not produce vaccines

The Philippines is the only country in Asia that does not produce vaccines for its own people, according to a Balik Scientist of the DOST. While the country is not yet ready to manufacture its own vaccines, it can start with a simpler process of formulating, filling, and packaging these, in which active product ingredients … Read more

Sessy E-Boat

Sessy E-Boat Safe, Efficient, and Sustainable Solar Assisted Plug-in Electric Boat or Sessy E-Boat involves the prototyping of two units of electric motorboats with solar panels; one of which uses lead-acid batteries while the other one uses lithium-ion batteries, both with roofing mounted solar panels. Sessy E-Boat uses a locally developed automatic identification system or … Read more

Charging in Minutes (CharM)

Charging in Minutes (CharM) This technology attempts to reduce the time it takes to charge electric automobiles. In comparison to the traditional 4-6 hours of sluggish charging, this fast-charging system can fully charge electric automobiles in 30 minutes. The capabilities of the CharM are crucial in aiding the Philippines’ development of a more flexible and … Read more

Philippine Electric Tricycle (e-trike)

Philippine Electric Tricycle (e-Trike) E-trikes are intended to help achieve smarter and emission-free communities. Converting conventional tricycles to electric tricycles minimizes carbon emissions, lowers fuel and maintenance costs, and minimizes noise pollution. You may want to read: How much does a jeepney cost in the Philippines? Charging in Minutes (CharM)