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Philippines Mobile Internet Speed

  Philippines Mobile Internet Speed (Download Speed) Philippines mobile internet speed compared to some of the fastest mobile internets in the world 1. United Arab Emirates – 170.30 Mbps 2. South Korea – 166.70 Mbps 3. Qatar – 159.66 Mbps 4. China – 148.12 Mbps 5. Australia – 113.16 Mbps … 110. Philippines – 18.48 Mbps Source: @news5ph… Read More »

PCB in the Philippines

  PCB in the Philippines The Philippines has never been a producer of PCBs. PCBs in the country for the most part present in imported electrical transformers. In the Philippines, the phase-out of the use of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) as dielectric fluid and the ban on its importation started in 2004. PCBs in the country, for the most… Read More »

On this day, June 25

  Today, June 25, 2020, is the 156th birth anniversary of Galicano Apacible, one of La Solidaridad founders, 1st Philippine Republic diplomat in Hong Kong, Batangas governor, and Assemblyman of the 1st District of Batangas. This day, on the 25th of June, 1864, Galicano Apacible was born in Balayan, Batangas. He is a doctor. He is also one… Read More »

Smart Giga Work

  Smart Giga Work When the world stops but life goes on, be sure to make it work with SMART GIGA WORK or GIGA WORK+ ALLNET! This promo gives you open access data plus 1GB per day for the following mobile productivity apps: Google Hangouts Microsoft Teams Google Meet Cisco WebEx WhatsApp Office 365 G Suite Grab Lalamove… Read More »

Landbank Mobilock

  Landbank Mobilock Protect your ATM card from unauthorized transactions! The Landbank Mobile banking Apps Mobilock feature gives your card an extra layer of security by allowing you to instantly lock or unlock your ATM Cards from your mobile phones. Mobilock is lock and unlock account safety feature which you can access through the Landbank Mobile banking apps.… Read More »