La Barca de Aqueronte

La Barca de Aqueronte | @museumxstOries

La Barca de Aqueronte
Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo

“La Barca de Aqueronte” by Felix Resurrección Hidalgo, also known as “The Boat of Charon,” is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. This powerful painting depicts Charon ferrying souls to their eternal damnation, highlighting Hidalgo’s deep connection to Dante’s work.

Garnering numerous awards in the 19th century, this piece cemented Hidalgo’s legacy as a premier Filipino artist. Visitors to the National Museum of Fine Arts should not miss this masterpiece, along with Hidalgo’s “El Asesinato del Gobernador Bustamante,” displayed opposite Juan Luna’s “Spoliarium.”