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Galis Aso

  Galis Aso is an infectious skin infection caused by sarcoptic mange or “germs”, it is a very small parasite digging and rolling under the skin which caused severe irritation and allergies. It is one of the most common diseases during summer season. How you get it: A person can get infected by touching (contact) the skin of… Read More »

Peace Treaty of Cebu

  Peace Treaty of Cebu took place on June 4, 1565. A peace agreement was signed between the Philippines and Spain. Rajah Tupas and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi representing King Philip II of Spain’s act of signing the peace treaty, the Philippines officially became a “suzerainty” of Spain.  What is suzerainty? A pretentious freedom in exchange for peace.… Read More »

President of Tagalog Republic “Macario Sakay”

  The President of Tagalog Republic (Macario Sakay) was born in Tondo, Manila, on March 1, 1878. His first job was that of an apprentice in a calesa shop. Later he became a tailor and stage actor before joining the Katipunan Movement led by Andres Bonifacio. Macario Sakay was among the original members of the Katipunan and the… Read More »

Who are the 13 Martyrs of Cavite?

13 Martyrs of Cavite or Trece Martires   13 Filipinos supporting the Katipunan were executed by Spanish authorities in Plaza de Armas, Cavite City. They are known as the 13 Martyrs of Cavite or Trece Martires. They are: Maximo Inocencio Luis Aguado Hugo Perez Victoriano Luciano Jose Lallana Antonio San Agustin Agapito Conchu Feliciano Cabuco Maximo Gregorio Eugenio… Read More »

Bakunawa (Giant Sea Serpent)

  Bakunawa is a giant sea serpent. In other stories, we have seven (7) moons a long time ago. But it was eaten by Bakunawa (Giant Sea Serpent) until only one is left. To protect the last moon, Bathala ordered  the people to make noise using pots and pans to frighten the giant serpent.(filipino mythology) Sa ibang istorya,… Read More »