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Is it true that rain will make you ill?

  Is it true that getting wet from the rain will make you ill? Your elders, mother, father, and other relatives always remind you to stay away from the rain because it can cause cough, colds, fever, and diarrhea. But is it true? In the “Good News” program of the GMA Network, Dr.Edwin Bien explains that it is not… Read More »

Mangechay ‘Great Elder” Kapampangan Region

Mangechay is the equivalent of Bathala in the myth of the Kapampangan. He is known as a weaver, it is said that the sky is his masterpiece and the starlight is caused by small holes in his weave. He leads the universe for millennia. (Kapampangan Mythology) Siya ang katumbas ni Bathala sa mitolohiya ng mga Kapampangan. Kilala bilang… Read More »

The Philipines is a part of the coral triangle

  Did you know that the Philippines is a part of the coral triangle? The Philippines is at the apex of this triangle, with Verde Island Passage having the richest biodiversity and the Tubbattaha Reef National Park is the only coral reef declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Countries within the coral triangle include: Indonesia Malaysia Papua New… Read More »

Lakapati (Ikapati) ” Goddess of Fertility and Agriculture”

Lakapati (Ikapati) is the Hermaphrodite Goddess of Fertility and Agriculture. Lakapati is known as the kindest deity of the Tagalog. Every time of harvest, the people raise their children in heaven and pray. Later on, She married Mapulon after long years of courtship. Lakapit or Ikapati in other stories and Mapulon’s love is the inspiration of the ancient Tagalog… Read More »

Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen

  Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen all started with the family’s love for nature and passion for great food. With the use of indigenous materials like bamboo and abaca, the farm kitchen was built. With a little creativity, junk was given a new form and function like chairs made from recycled materials. With the use of natural farming… Read More »