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Who invented banana ketchup?

  Maria Ylagan Orosa is known as the one who invented banana ketchup. She is a Filipino food scientist and chemist. She is also a war hero. She developed numerous culinary innovations that helped address malnutrition and saved countless lives during world war II. Archaeologists have recently discovered her grave. Did you know that during World War II,… Read More »

Who is Jenny Anne Barretto?

  Jenny Anne Barretto is a Filipino Marine Geophysicist. She discovered the largest known caldera in the world, the Apolaki Caldera within the Benham Rise. A caldera is a large cauldron-like hollow that forms shortly after the emptying of a magma chamber/reservoir in a volcanic eruption. The name “Apolaki” means “giant lord” in Filipino and is the mythical… Read More »

Filipino Veterans Hospitalization Program

  For our brave Filipino Veterans. Learn about the PVAO Veterans Hospitalization & Medical Care Program (VHMCP).   Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program (VHMCP) VHMCP is a program that provides hospitalization and medical care benefits (including reimbursement of selected drugs and medicines) to Filipino veterans and their dependents through VMMC and other PVAO-VMMC accredited private hospitals.  … Read More »

Longest-serving Filipina equestrienne

  Who is the Longest-serving Filipina equestrienne in the Philippines? Toni Leviste is the longest-serving Filipina equestrienne. The 46-year-old Toni Leviste is “the only Filipino and Southeast Asian rider to compete in showjumping’s three major events – Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup Finals.” Born on August 5, 1973, Marie Antoinette “Toni” Leviste is one of the… Read More »

National Autism Consciousness Week

What is the National Autism Consciousness Week? The national autism consciousness week is a celebration and reminder of the laws that have been passed by congress for people with disabilities such as autism and their families. These laws are as follows: Magna Carta of Persons with Disabilities, Equal opportunity Employment Act, and Anti-Bullying Act. The person with autism… Read More »