Bini The word and the man Bini is the root word of mabini, Tagalog for modest and demure. Said twice, bini becomes binibini, or maiden, the ideal Filipino “miss”. Mabini’s synonym is mahinhin, meaning behaving according to a standard of what is decorous, or being modest. More or less expressive of the attributes of kabinian … Read more

Nilutlot na Manok

Nilutlot na Manok | This Bagobo’s ancient dish is prepared on sacred mountain ranges. A forest chicken is cut into pieces and placed in a freshly-cut bamboo tube, added with coconut milk and healing spices. The top is secured with banana leaves and then heated over a wood fire. Once the roasted bamboo is … Read more


Today’s Marine Monday, your  National Museum Bohol presents this nutritious food source from our marine ecosystem, the Seaweed (Eucheuma cottonii) locally called Guso. Seaweeds are members of the marine algae family Protista. The Eucheuma cottonii belongs to the red algae (Rhodophyta) and grows in shallow reefs along rocky shorelines in tropical waters. Seaweeds are an … Read more

Manila Day, The Day of Conquest

Manila Day, The Day of Conquest In 1571, or almost 450 years ago, the Spaniards, under the leadership of Governor-General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, conquered Manila so that it could serve as the capital of the Spanish Empire in Asia. After an unequal battle in Manila Bay, Rajah Soliman was defeated, and after this, colonialism … Read more