Dulang It was International TableTop Day yesterday! Aside from “lamesa” which is the general and common Kapampángan word for “table”, “dulang” is another word that is rarely used now and specifically refers to low tables used for dining! DÚLANG • (DOO-luhng)low table for diningTagálog (Filipino): dúlang Verb Conjugationmagdúlang, mágdúlang, migdúlang – to eat on a … Read more


Lamesa It was International Table Top Day yesterday! How do you say “table” in your language? LAMÉSA • (luh-MEH-suh)tableTagálog (Filipino): mésa, lamésa EtymologyFrom Spanish la mesa “the table” Example Sentence (Lyrics of Atin Cu Pung Singsing)Píkurus kóng gámat, bábó ning lamésa. [Kap]Pinagkrús kong mgá kamáy, sa ibábaw ng mésa. [Tag]I crossed my hands, on top … Read more


Apag It’s International TableTop Day, so here’s the trailer of Kapampángan film Apag (“dining table”; international title: Feast) which won Best Actress & Best Original Song in the 2023 Summer Metro Manila Film Festival last April which happened to also be Filipino Food Month! APAG • (uh-PUHG) dining table, (to) lay out on the table … Read more


Kesu It was National Cheese Day yesterday! How do you say “cheese” in your language? Did you know that Filipinos have their own version of the Dutch Edam cheese which is a local favorite Christmas food? KÉSU • (KEH-soo)cheeseTagálog (Filipino): késo EtymologyFrom Spanish queso “cheese” You may want to read: Queseo Queseo de Bola


Sampernandu Pampanga’s capital celebrates its city fiesta today! Happy Fiesta Fernandinos! SAMPERNÁNDU • (suhm-pehr-NAHN-doo)informal/colloquial pronunciation & spelling of SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga’s capital, and 2nd largest city. Known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines and Home of the Giant Lanterns.