It’s National Hot Chocolate Day! Kapampángans’ own traditional hot chocolate is a popular Christmastime beverage prepared by mixing pure cacao with a traditional whisk called a batirul or muliníliu! BATIRUL • (buh-ti-ROOL)(1) heirloom tool (vessel and/or whisk) used for making traditional hot chocolate(2) hot chocolate made with the said toolThe whisk is also called a … Read more

Kapampangan Words of Chinese Origins

Kapampangan Words of Chinese Origins Achi – older sister (from Hokkien a-chi)Koya – older brother (from Hokkien ko-ia)Ingkung – grandfather (from Hokkien in -kong)Cha – tea (from Cantonese tsa)Mochi – kapampangan glutinous rice delicacy (from Hokkien moa-chi)Sakobi – sago, tapioca pearls (from Hokkien sia-ko-bi)Sang – scallion, green onion (from Hokkien tsan)Suam – sauteed fish or … Read more


Kapalaran Did you know that the Kapampángan & Tagálog word for “fortune” comes from their root word for “palm of the hand”? KAPALARAN • (kuh-puh-LAH-ruhn)fortune, fateTagálog (Filipino): kapaláran Root WordPÁLAD • (PAH-luhd)palm of handTagálog (Filipino): pálad Derived WordMAPÁLAD • (muh-PAH-luhd)fortunate, luckyTagálog (Filipino): mapálad MANIMÁLAD • (muh-ni-MAH-luhd)to tell one’s fortune by reading their palms SÁPALARAN • … Read more


While the Kapampángan word “kalam” means “grace, blessing”, there is a similar word in Tagálog that means quite the opposite! KÁLAM • (KAH-luhm)grace, blessing, giftRoot: álamTagálog (Filipino): biyáyà False FriendsTagálog (Filipino)KALÁM “hunger pains in the stomach” KapampánganKÁLAM “grace, blessing, gift” Derived WordMÁLAM • (MAH-luhm)gracious, generousTagálog (Filipino): mapagbiyáyà Verb Conjugationmagkálam, mágkálam, mégkálam – to bestow blessings … Read more


Amian The months of January and February are the peak of the cool and dry amian (Tagalog: amíhan) season. A picturesque Kapampángan scene during this time is the twin-peaked Mt. Arayat seemingly floating over the low-lying fog that covers the fields of the Central Luzon plain in the early morning. AMIAN / AMIAM • (uh-MYUHN … Read more