Sustansia July is Nutrition Month in the Philippines! Did you know that the Filipino words for “nutrient” & “nutritious” come from a Spanish word that means “substance”? How do you say “nutritious” in your language? SUSTÁNSIA • (soos-TAHN-shuh)nutrient, nutritional valueTagálog (Filipino): sustánsiya EtymologyFrom Spanish sustancia (“substance”) Derived WordMASUSTÁNSIA • (muh-soos-TAHN-shuh)nutritiousTagálog (Filipino): masustánsiya Example SentenceMangan kang … Read more


Uliu It’s the last day of July! How do you say “July” in your language? ÚLiU • (OO-lyoo)JulyAlso spelled: Húliu/Húlyu, Júliu/Júlyu/JúlioTagálog (Filipino): Húlyo EtymologyFrom Spanish julio (“July”) You may want to read: Abril


Pisan It was National Cousins Day earlier this week! How do you say “cousin” in your language? PÍSAN • (PEE-suhn)cousinTagálog (Filipino): pínsan Derived TermPÍSANG ALANG PÍLATAN • (PEE-suhng uh-LUHNG PEE-luh-tuhn)first cousin(literally “cousin without an interval/something in between”)Tagálog (Filipino): pínsang buô (literally “whole/complete cousin”) Derived WordMIPÍSAN • (mi-PEE-suhn)cousins (two), having a cousin relationshipFor 3 or more: … Read more


Duyan It was Hammock Day a few days ago! How do you say “hammock” or “swing” in your language? DÚYAN • (DOO-yuhn)hammock, swingTagálog (Filipino): dúyan INDÁYUN • (in-DAH-yoon)hammock, swingTagálog (Filipino): dúyan Verb Conjugationdumúyan, dúdúyan, dínúyan – to swing, sway (Actor Focus)idúyan, dudúyan, dinúyan – to swing, rock something (Object Focus) Example SentenceDudúyan né ing bíngut. … Read more


Anggi It’s Rain Day! Here’s a unique Kapampángan word that refers to rain that is blown by the wind, along with the general Kapampángan word for “rain”! Do you have a word in your language that refers to this rain concept? ANGGÎ • (uhng-GEE’)spray of rain blown by windTagálog: ampiyás, anggí (both dialectal and not … Read more