K-12 SHS Program (General Academic Strand)

general academic strand
General Academic Strand (GAS)

K-12 SHS Program (GAS) General Academic Strand


While other strands are career-specific, GAS is great for students who are still undecided on which track to take. You can choose electives from different strands. GAS subjects are a mix of specialized subjects from the other three strands: HUMSS, ABM, STEM.

List of College Courses You Can Pursue (GAS  Strand Courses)

Since General Academic Strand (GAS) does not specialize in any strand, you are free to choose any college degree program under the three other strands based on the elective you have chosen. But there’s a possibility that you won’t qualify for a particular major, therefore they will require you to take specialized General Education courses as a prerequisite for the program you choose.


BS in Information Technology
BS in Computer Science
BS in Computer Engineering
BS in Electrical Engineering
BS in Electronics Engineering
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Biology
BS in Nursing
BS in Pharmacy
BS in Physical Therapy


BS in Entrepreneurship
BS in Human Resource
BS in Development Management
BS in Business Administration
BS in Business Economics
BS in Accountancy
BS in Tourism


BS in Elementary Education
BS in Secondary Education
AB in Communication
AB in Journalism
BS in Psychology
AB in Social Studies
AB in Literature
AB in Political Science
BS Criminology

Why Choose GAS?

It comprises of cool subjects, you can choose not one but two subjects from any other academic strand. Not specializing in a strand would open the doors to a world of amazing options. You could even choose to specialize once you’ve got the hang of things.


Social Science
Applied Economics
Organization and Management
Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction
Elective 1 (Subjects from any strand)
Elective 2 (Subjects from any strand)

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