K-12 SHS Program Sports

k-12 shs program sports
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K-12 SHS Program Sports

Physical Education and Recreation


The sports track aims to give you an understanding of the basic principles and techniques in relation to physical education and recreation. It will also offer you discuss various factors that affect social, psychological, and cognitive development in sports leadership and management. Professions that are related are fitness trainers, game officials, coach, masseur, or gym instructor.

List of College Courses You Can Take


BS in Sports Science
BS in Secondary Education major in Music, Arts, Physical and Health Education
BS in Physical Education

Why choose sports track?

Sports track is not just about playing or dancing. It involves comprehension of the human movements through anatomy and physiology. You will encounter interesting topics like sports officiating, safety and first aid, and fitness testing. part of the curriculum is safety and first aid, it will give your life skills in safety, injury prevention in various sports and exercise, and proper response during emergencies.

Specialized Subjects

Human Movement
This course covers topics on the origin, control, and learning of motor skills appropriate for various needs.

Safety and First Aid
This course will equip learners with life skills and competencies, safety, injury prevention, and management in various sports.

Fundamentals of Coaching
This course covers the basics and principles of coaching.

Psychosocial Aspects of Sports and Exercise
An understanding of individual and social factors which influence participation performance and psychological well being in sports and exercise.

Sports Officiating and Activity Management
It covers the concept, principles, mechanics of officiating, and rules of specific sports. It also covers the management of fitness, sports, and recreation events.

Fitness, Sports, and Recreation Leadership
This course equips the learner with competencies for carrying out safe and effective programs in exercise, sports, and recreation.

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