K-12 SHS Program (Arts and Design)

k 12 arts and design
Arts and Design Program | Image Credit: to owner


Arts and Design

Design, Performative, and Creative Industry


This track will prepare you as you wander around the design, performative, and creative industry. It aims to get you a career in the creative field after you graduate. Part of this track is to expose you to various forms of media such as architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, animation, painting, photography, and film.

List of College Courses You Can Pursue

Arts and Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Industrial Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Painting
Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Sculpture
Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication
BS in Architecture
BS in Interior Design

Why choose arts and design?

Get to discover your capabilities and stretch what you can do in industries of music, theater, visual arts, and dance. You can gain various skills such as song composing, stage performing, illustrating, photography, or choreography. It also helps various regions in the country in preserving their local culture.

Specialized Subjects

Creative Industries Arts and Design Appreciation

It intends to provide students with knowledge of the different arts and design forms, materials media, and production in the creative industries.

Creative Industries Performing Arts

The curse introduces the student to principles of theater, music, and dance and examines the practical application of the performing arts skills in the local and global market.

Physical and Personal Development in the Arts

It gives comprehensive discussion and practical studies on the proper care of their bodies as the instrument for their art through proper exercise, good hygiene, and practices.

Developing Filipino Identity in the Arts

it depends on the student’s awareness of art in his community and the rest of the nation.

Integrating the Elements and Principles of Organization in the Arts

Deepens understanding of the elements and principles of an organization in the arts in various forms of creative expression through a series application.