Plaza Rajah Sulayman – Malate

Plaza Rajah Sulayman - Malate
Plaza Rajah Sulayman | @rebirth.manila

Plaza Rajah Sulayman – Malate

The main plaza of Malate is located between Roxas Boulevard and Malate Church.

In the early Spanish period, the plaza was bordered by the sea to the west and the church to the east. Gradually, several structures were built on the plaza, including a school, which cut the size of the plaza in half.

The monument of Isabel II, which fell during a typhoon in the 1970s, was eventually relocated.

The plaza was named after Rajah Sulayman (Soliman), the last Muslim ruler of independent Maynila. Sulayman’s monument, created by Eduardo Castrillo, now stands in the middle of the square.

Photo: Mark Justine Laurente

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