Masino Intaray

Masino Intaray
Masino Intaray | @nccaofficial

Manlilikha ng Bayan Masino Intaray (Tradisyunal na Sining Pagtatanghal: Basal, Kulilal, at Tultul)

Masino Intaray ± (Born April 10, 1943)
Musician and Storyteller
Brooke’s Point, Palawan

The Pala’wan possesses a rich, intense yet highly refined culture encompassing both the visible and invisible worlds. They may not exhibit the ornate splendor of the Maranaw nor the striking elegance of the Yakan, but their elaborate cosmology, extensive poetic and literary traditions, multi-level architecture, musical concepts, social ethic, and rituals reveal a deeply spiritual sensibility and subtle inner life of a people attuned to the myriad energies and forms of luxurious mountain universe that is their abode, a forest environment of great trees, countless species of plants and animals, and a magnificent firmament.

An outstanding master of ‘basal’, ‘kulilal’, and ‘bagit’ was Masino Intaray – a gifted poet, bard artist, and musician who was born near the head of the river in Makagwa Valley on the foothill of Mantalingayan mountain. He had the creative memory, endurance, clarity of intellect, and spiritual purpose that enabled him to chant all through the night, for successive nights, countless ‘tultul’ (epics), ‘sudsungit’ (narratives), and ‘tuturan’ (myths of origin and teaching of ancestors.

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