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Liberator of Ilocos | Diego Silang

  Today, December 16 is the birth anniversary of Diego Silang, the liberator of Ilocos. In exchange for rewards from Audiencia, allegedly Diego Silang was killed by his close  friends Miguel Vicos and Pedro Becbec in his fortress in Bigan. Let’s not do what they did to the “liberator of Ilocos”. Diego Silang exploited Spain’s weakness in the… Read More »

Brain of the Katipunan | Emilio Jacinto

  Today, December 15, 2018 is the 143rd birth anniversary of Emilio Jacinto, the brain of the Katipunan. Emilio Jacinto is the “Brain of the Katipunan” because of his writings for the Katipunan, which include the “Mga Aral ng Katipunan ng mga A.N.B.”and the most well-known “Kartilya of Katipunan”. Andres Bonifacio has authored a similar writing titled “Katungkulang… Read More »

Donya Consolacion

    Donya Consolacion was a former laundrywoman who married the head of a civil Spanish civil guards.   She pretended to be highly educated and a habit characteristic of a European.   She is a rival of Donya Victorina. Si Donya Consolacion ay isang dating labandera ng mga sundalo at nakapag-asawa ng ng kastilang namumuno sa mga… Read More »

Father of Philippine Comics | Antonio “Tony” Velasquez

  Antonio “Tony” Velasquez is considered as the Father of Philippine Comics.   He was born on October 29, 1910 and he passed away in 1997.   Tony Velasquez created the first serial cartoon strip “Album ng mga kabataan ni Kenkoy” in 1929.   He also pioneered in cartoon advertising by creating iconic characters such as “Isko” for… Read More »