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Ladislao Diwa

  Ladislao Diwa is a lawyer, patriot, and teacher. He co-founded the Katipunan together with Andres Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, Valentin Diaz, Deodato Arellano, and two others. Katipunan was established on the evening of 7 July 1892 after the arrest and exile of Jose Rizal was announced. The Katipunan is a secret organization to overthrow the foreign government (Spain).… Read More »

Who is EDS in EDSA?

  EDS in EDSA is Epifanio De Los Santos. He is a scholar, lawyer, historian, journalist jurist, philosopher, bibliophile, biographer, philologist, painter, poet, musician, literary critic, politician, librarian, translator, linguist, researcher, philanthropist, and a Filipino genius. He is considered great among Filipino Scholars. EDSA, the longest and foremost street of the Philippines and the most popular Philippine road… Read More »

Anselmo Day-ag

  Who is Anselmo Day-ag? Anselmo Day-ag is a sculptor. He is the builder of the following: Marcos bust in La Union, Lion’s head in Baguio City, Eagle arch in La Union, Battle of Mactan in Cebu, Quezon Memorial; in Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, Yamashita shrine in Kiangan Ifugao. Aside from the above, he also builds many others.… Read More »

Father of Tagalog Novel

  Valeriano P. Fernandez Y Peña is considered as the Father of Tagalog Novel. In 1905, he wrote “Nena and Neneng,” the first-ever novel published in the Philippine language. Valeriano was born on December 12, 1858, and he passed away on September 7, 1922.

Francisco Estanislao: First recorded lantern maker

  Francisco Estanislao was the first recorded lantern maker from Santa Lucia, San Fernando, Pampanga. A humble saltmaker, who made big lanterns from bamboo and coco cloth. The 100-day countdown before the Giant Lantern Festival 2019 competition begins today! Are you ready for the celebration of the 111th year of giant lantern-making excellence?   Suggested Reading: Tinindag Festival… Read More »