Manuel Conde

Manuel Conde (October 9, 1915 – August 11, 1985) Remembering the life and works of National Artist for Film Manuel Conde on his 37th death anniversary. Born Manuel Pabustan Urbano, he indigenized and developed cinema by assigning it a history and culture of its own; revitalizing folk culture with urgent issues; depicting and critiquing Filipino … Read more

Academician Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza

Belated happy birthday to Academician Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza! (August 7) Dr. Mendoza is recognized for her significant contributions to plant biochemistry and biotechnology research and education. Among her contributions are the following: comprehensive biochemical and nutritional studies on Philippine indigenous legumes; biochemical mechanisms of plant resistance against selected pests and diseases; fatty acid and … Read more

Liwayway M. Engle

Belated happy birthday to Corresponding Member Liwayway M. Engle! (August 7) Dr. Engle is recognized for her significant contributions and leadership in the field of conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources, especially vegetables. Under her stewardship, the vegetable genebank of the AVRDC-World Vegetable Center further expanded its extensive collection of vegetable germplasm, especially tropical … Read more

Academician Rafael D. Guerrero III

Belated happy birthday to Academician Rafael D. Guerrero III! (August 7) Dr. Guerrero III is recognized for his scientific and technological contributions to the development of sex reversal and hatchery techniques that led to the commercial production of high-yielding market-size tilapia in the Philippines and other countries. You may want to read: Camilo Roa Evelyn … Read more

Manlilikha ng Bayan Yabing Masalon Dulo

Congratulations on the 108th birthday of Manlilikha ng Bayan Yabing Masalon Dulo! Yabing Masalon Dulo Textile WeaverBlaanPolomolok, South Cotabato Yabing Masalon Dulo lived as a youth in a milieu with a density of stimuli that encouraged skill and imagination. When Fu Yabing’s generation took from the forest fibrous material that they worked into art, the … Read more