Rex Victor O. Cruz

Academician Rex Victor O. Cruz Congratulations Academician Rex Victor O. Cruz, New Professor Emeritus University of the Philippines Los Baños. You may want to read: Academician Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza

Benito M. Pacheco

Academician Benito M. Pacheco Congratulations Academician Benito M. Pacheco, New Professor Emeritus University of the Philippines Diliman. You may want to read: Rafael D. Guerrero III Rex Victor O. Cruz

Estelita Bantilan

Congratulations on the 82nd birthday (October 17, 1940) of Manlilikha ng Bayan Estelita Bantilan! Estelita BantilanMat WeaverBlaanMalapatan, Sarangani Like all mat weavers, Estelita’s entire body is her loom. The thin strips of pandanus Romblon emerge matrix through her deft fingers performing personal rhythm, the beat seemingly guided by her eyes. The unwoven strips are held … Read more

Amado V. Hernandez

Today (September 13, 2022) is the 119th birth anniversary of Amado V. Hernandez, National Artist for Literature. Amado V. Hernandez, poet, playwright, and novelist, is among the Filipino writers who practiced “committed art.” In his view, the function of the writer is to act as the conscience of society and to affirm the greatness of … Read more

Francisco Coching

Francisco Coching (January 29, 1919 – September 1, 1998) Remembering the life and works of National Artist for Visual Arts Francisco V. Coching on his 24th death anniversary. Francisco Coching was acknowledged as the “Dean of Filipino Illustrators”, a master storyteller in images and in print. His illustrations and novels are a product of that … Read more