Investments in New Clark City

Investments in New Clark City Reached Php 95.5 Billion These will be channeled into several high-impact projects and programs in: Sustainable Development Information and Communications Technology Renewable Energy Estate Management Smart City Technologies Transportation Tourism According to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), investments committed by private and government locators in New Clark City … Read more

NEDA Board Greenlights 194 High-Impact Infrastructure Projects

NEDA Board Greenlights 194 High-Impact Infrastructure Projects  The National Economic and Development Authority Board approved on March 9, 2023, 194 high-impact priority projects amounting to PHP 9 trillion under the Infrastructure Flagship Projects (IFPs) to further strengthen the government’s “Build Better More” program. This marks a significant step towards the Marcos Jr. administration’s objective of … Read more

150-Piso denomination banknote

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) informs the public that it has not released a 150-Piso denomination banknote featuring Dr. Jose Rizal. Images of the said banknote circulating on social media are fictitious. The public is advised to always check the legitimacy of information found on social media and other channels regarding Philippine banknotes and … Read more

Overseas Filipino Remittance

Overseas Filipino Remittance (December 2022) Personal remittances from Overseas Filipinos (OFs) posted a new record-high of USD 3.5 billion in December 2022. This is up by 5.7% from the USD 3.3 billion recorded in December 2021. Full-year 2022 personal remittances also saw an all-time high of USD 36.1 billion. This accounts for 8.9% of the … Read more

Philippines Investor Alert List (Beware)

Philippines Investor Alert List (Beware) The Securities and Exchange Commission does not permit the following to solicit investment from the public: Platinum Coin Meta Trade Mazama Winvest BKC Trading Oyala Webmining Elizabeth Esty Save Lives Binary Option Trading Inc. Bitprime/Bitprime Computer Software Trading/Ariane Estolonio-Bitprime Software Opc Upsys Daily Trading Flipkart/Flipkart platform/Flipkart Company Perfx Solution Corporation/Trading … Read more