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Different types of Longganisa

Different Types of Longganisa A longganisa is a type of smoked chorizo or sausage stuffed inside a hog casing. It is a common viand for breakfast in Filipino homes. Generally, there are two types of Longganisa:1. Garlicky (de Recado)2. Sweet (Jamonado) Below are some of the well known Filipino longganisa: Vigan Longganisa – garlicky, spicy, and tangy, influenced… Read More »

Kababaihan para sa kaunlaran

Kababaihan para sa kaunlaran Did you know? During the early part of the 1990s, the BSP issued 5-piso NDS banknotes with an overprint of the logo “Kababaihan para sa kaunlaran” to commemorate the Woman for Development. Source: Currency Issue and Integrity Office, BSP website. You may want to read: Filipino Women in Philippine Currency

Filipino Women in Philippine currency

Filipino Women in Philippine currency The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas remembers the following Filipino women who were featured in Philippine banknotes and coins. Melchora Aquino Featured in 100-Piso banknote 9English Series); 5-Sentimo coin (Pilipino Series); 5-Sentimo coin (Ang Bagong Lipunan Series); and 5-Sentimo coin (Flora and Fauna Series) “Tandand Sora” was the first Filipino woman to appear in… Read More »

New 20 peso coin

New 20 peso coin NEW P20 COIN. The new PHP20 coin at the obverse (left) features the former President Manuel Quezon, with the “20 Piso” mark written in the baybayin font. On the reverse side (right) shows the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas logo, “Republika ng Pilipinas” micro text, Malacañang Palace, and Nilad, a native flora in the Philippines.… Read More »

Freelance Workers Protection Act

Freelance Workers Protection Act With 195 votes, the House of Representatives passed on final reading HB 8817 or the Freelance Workers Protection Act. FDCP is encouraging the supporters of the bill to call for its passing in the Senate through the Committee on Labor and Employment headed by Senator Joel Villanueva. With 195-0 with no abstention, the landmark… Read More »