Tiangui o Feria

Tiangui o Feria
Tiangui o Feria | @museumxStOries

In many towns in the country, tiangui o feria, is held once day a week while others do it once a month.

All the neighboring towns come with their merchandise and sell objects like precious stones, grains of gold they collect in the sands washed away by the currents of the rivers. There is tuba, rice wine, binuro, piña, fabrics, and cotton.

In Jaro, feria or tiangui is held every Thursday and gets huge crowds.

Thousands of people attend these events and draw people from nearby provinces of Antique, Capiz, and Panay.

Rich families from Molo, Manduriao, Arevalo, and Ilo-ilo are also in attendance.

Weeks before the Holy Week, Feast of the Candelaria and Christmas bring even more people.

Residents of Ma-asin, Janiuay, Cabatuan, Santa Barbara, and Pavia also frequent these feria or tangui.

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