Queseo Did you know that you can make cheese out of three ingredients? Meet queseo, a native cheese made from pure carabao’s milk. The procedure starts by boiling the unskimmed milk. Once it cools down, scoop and place it in a bowl with a small amount of coconut vinegar. Swiftly gather the mixture at the … Read more


Tamalos This culinary jewel of Catbalogan, Samar, is a luxurious version of typical tamales. A Mexican-inspired dish that landed on Philippine shores during the Manila-Acapulco Trade (1565-1815). Chunks of vinegar-pork belly (simmered with vinegar and spices) and “Pipi-an” (sweet and spicy peanut sauce) rest in layers of lumpia wrapper – on a bed of larded … Read more

Panji / Pandi

Panji/Pandi is the collective term for the flag in the southern Philippines. There are, however, other terms used based on size, shape, and function such as the sambolayang, the highest ranking flag symbolizing the power of the sultan with three trailing streamers and erected at the center; pasandalan, the second-ranking flag which stands for Lake … Read more

Layag: pre-colonial money of the Philippines

In celebration of History Month, the Museo ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas presents “Layag: pre-colonial money of the Philippines,” a virtual exhibition of objects that were considered currency in the pre-conquest Philippine archipelago. Layag also features ancient currencies from neighboring countries that are part of the BSP Numismatic Collection. Layag sails us back to the … Read more

Suman Latik Samar

Suman Latik Samar The latik in Samar Province is a steamed rice cake made of glutinous grains, lihiya, and rock salt. The mixture is wrapped in hagikhik leaves that render a yellow-greenish tinge and enticing aroma. The hati is thickened by a generous amount of coconut cream, sweetened by kalamay and brown sugar, and scented … Read more