Una Boda

Felix Laureano’s “Una Boda” is about village wedding customs. Matchmakers play a big role, in the groom’s party, including relatives and a matchmaker, visiting the bride’s family. The matchmaker persuades the bride’s family for her hand through verses, while the bride’s family sets conditions. If talks go well, a wedding date is set, and the … Read more

The Battle of Cagayan-de-Misamis

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines joins the Filipino people, especially the people of Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental & Misamis Occidental, in commemorating the 124th Anniversary of the Battle of Cagayan-de-Misamis. At the dawn of 7 April 1900, signaled by the tolls of the bells of the church of Saint Augustine, the Liber … Read more

Acopiando Leña

Felix Laureano’s ‘Acopiando Leña’ (Gathering Firewood) offers a poignant portrayal of late 19th-century rural Filipino life, focusing on the laborious task of gathering firewood. The image depicts individuals from a rural community engaged in this essential activity, showcasing their resilience and reliance on natural resources amidst lush surroundings typical of the Philippines during Laureano’s era. … Read more


In the face of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross, how does one show faith and devotion? Filipino Catholics in Morong, Rizal collectively recollect Christ’s passion during Holy Week through their cordero procession. It is a community tradition marked by the procession of and partaking in the cordero, a lamb-shaped pastry made from kamote (sweet … Read more

Puni and Magdarame

Fire Signs, hearts up! This year’s Holy Week will be notable as the transition between the first 2 Fire Signs of the Kapampángan Zodiac (Limbúlan), Punî and Mágdarámé, will coincide with it! Punî (the shrine of reading) & Mágdarámé (the penitent) are the 10th & 11th signs of Limbúlan. They are based on two iconic … Read more