Philippine General Hospital

On this day, September 1, 111 years ago, the Philippine General Hospital opened its doors to the public on September 1, 1910. Administered under the auspices of the University of the Philippines, it is now the country’s premier government hospital serving the Filipino people. The Philippine General Hospital, established in 1907, opened its doors to … Read more

Quezon Heritage House

Quezon Heritage House In 1922, Manuel Quezon and his family received an offer of residency at the affluent Hacienda Hernady, also known as Magdalena Estate that would later become New Manila. The house was built on Number 45 Gilmore Street in the Neoclassical style. It had high walls and large windows to draw in the … Read more

Manuel Luis Quezon Y Molina

Manuel Luis Quezon Y Molina Manuel Quezon was born on August 29, 1878, in Baler, Aurora Province. His father is Lucio Quezon was a Spanish colonial army officer, while his mother, Maria Dolores Molina, was a primary school teacher. Manuel started studying in Manila when he was nine years old and stayed there until university. … Read more

Malolos Cathedral

Malolos Cathedral As we commemorate next week the 123rd anniversary of the opening of the Malolos Congress, let’s go around the heritage town of Malolos and explore the different heritage buildings that played a role in the formation of the First Philippine Republic. First up is the mother church of Malolos, now the Malolos Cathedral … Read more

Adriano House

Adriano House or the Gobierno Militar de la Plaza Another historic building in Malolos is the Adriano Ancestral House or the Gobierno Militar de la Plaza, which served as the headquarters of Gen. Isidoro Torres during the Revolutionary Government and the First Philippine Republic from 1898 to 1899. Today, it is considered an example of … Read more