The Essence of Goodwill

The Essence of Goodwill by Teddy Boylie R. Perez  Did you know…? Our ancestors welcomed the Spanish voyagers with open arms. Fed the starving, cared for the sick and provided a home to the unrested. Hospitality is practically ingrained in Filipino DNA. Photo: “The Essence of Goodwill” (2020) by Teddy Boylie R. Perez. On display … Read more


Ayubang Ever wonder what are these? Ayubang/Agta leglet from Bataan and Pampanga made from wild boars’ bristles which they themselves hunted. When worn by Agta men as part of their traditional ornaments, the long bristles from wild boars create an interesting visual effect. This item’s wearer is considered strenuous, strong, and swift as a wild … Read more

Sarimanok ng Lahi by Bernardo A. Maac

Sarimanok ng Lahi by Bernardo A. Maac When you cram everything today because you don’t know when it’s going to rain again… Photo: “Sarimanok ng Lahi” (2020) by Bernardo A. Maac. On display at the Old Senate Hall, NMFA. Collection of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. Quincentennial Art CompetitionMinor Prize Winner in the … Read more

The Banglag

The Banglag Agta Arrows Used To Shoot Humans Among the Agta in Sierra Madre, the banglag, is a specialized arrow with a carved and whittled point from the anaw palm (Livistiona rotundifolia). This is always smeared with poisonous tree sap and stored inside a narrow bamboo sheath. The arrow is made specifically for shooting humans. … Read more

Mabal Tabih

MABAL TABIH. This handwoven ikat fabric is traditionally worn as a tubular skirt for women and is secured with a brass belt. It is worn during special occasions, including weddings and festivals. Just like the t’nalak of the Tboli and the inabal of the Bagobo, the process involved in weaving the tabih includes harvesting of … Read more