On this day, March 25

On this day, March 25, in 1986, President Cory Aquino signed Proclamation No. 3 better known as the “Freedom Constitution.” The official calendar of the Republic of the Philippines: an almanac of Philippine commemorations enlivened with illustrations and information. –Manila: Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office, [2014]. On this day in 1306 Robert the … Read more


Tundu How do you say “sleepy” in your language? TUNDÛ • (toon-DOO’)sleepiness, drowsinessTagálog (Filipino): antók Derived Words:MATUNDÛ • (muh-toon-DOO’)orMITUTUNDÛ • (mi-too-toon-DOO’)sleepy, drowsyTagálog (Filipino): ináantok MÁKATUNDÛ • (MAH-kuh-toon-DOO’)causing sleepTagálog (Filipino): nakákaantok Verb Conjugationmitundû, mitutundû, mítundû – to feel sleepy (Actor Focus) Example Sentence:Nandin ku pa mitutundû. [Kap]Kanína pa akó ináantok. [Tag]I’ve been feeling sleepy since a … Read more


Mali It was Everything You Think is Wrong Day yesterday! How do you say “wrong” in your language? MALÎ • (muh-LEE’)wrong, mistakeTagálog (Filipino): malî Derived WordPÁMAGKÁMALÎ • (PAH-muhg-KAH-muh-LEE’)mistake, shortcoming, wrongdoingTagálog (Filipino): pagkakámalì Verb Conjugationmagkámalî, mágkámalî, migkámalî – to make a mistake (Actor Focus) Example SentencePatawáran mu ku karing pámagkámalí ku. [Kap]Patawárin mo akó sa mgá … Read more


Salita It was World Speech Day yesterday! How do you say “speak” in your language? SALÍTÂ • (suh-LEE-ta’)(to) speak; speech (way of speaking), languageTagálog (Filipino): salitâ EtymologyFrom Sanskrit चरित (carita) “motion, course, acts, behavior, adventure”, via Malay cerita “story” Tagálog (Filipino) comparisonThe Tagálog word salitâ (“word; speak”) is stressed on the final syllable, while the … Read more

Apung Ticio

Apung Ticio Happy St. Patricks Day! In the Kapampángan town of Mexico, this feast day is celebrated in one of its barangays (villages) that is named after Saint Patrick of Ireland, which is known to Kapampángans as San Patricio or his Kapampángan nickname Apung Ticio! Another Kapampangan locality that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day is the … Read more