Urquico Family Plot

Urquico Family Plot “Sketches of Manila”Art by Architect Riel A. A. Diala Located across Manila are numerous structures of great architectural beauty, both big and small. The city’s streets and the structures located along them are perhaps the largest gallery of the city, especially for architecture. From family mausoleums and tombstones to monumental churches and … Read more

Automatic Income Classification of Local Government Units Act

The Automatic Income Classification of Local Government Units Act is now a law! R.A 11964 The Automatic Income Classification of Local Government Units Act Under RA 11964, the Secretary of Finance will have the authority to adjust the income brackets according to the actual growth rate of the annual regular income from the last income … Read more


This word may sound funny to Tagalog speakers. But for Hiligaynon speakers, BATITI is often used to refer to breastfeeding mothers. It also means to take great care of, not just to nurse a child or a sick person. Examples of usage are Batitihá ang bátà sing maáyo (Take great care of the baby or … Read more

Pasig River Ferry

The MMDA Pasig River Ferry Service is a water-based mass transit system operated by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)which plies the length of the Pasig River and parts of the Marikina River. It is the modern successor of several river ferries that have operated in the Pasig River since the Spanish period up until … Read more

Punta Diamante Watchtower in Bulusan

Punta Diamante Watchtower in Bulusan The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) turned over the newly restored Punta Diamante in Bulusan, Sorsogon this morning, 26 July 2023. NHCP Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Franco Calairo and the Most Rev. Jose Allan V. Dialogo, D.D., Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sorsogon, signed the turn-over documents. … Read more