2022 Golden Goose Awardees

2022 Golden Goose Awardees Congratulations to our very own National Scientist Lourdes J. Cruz and Corresponding Member Baldomero M. Olivera! NS Cruz and CM Olivera are two of the extraordinary scientists who received this year’s Golden Goose Award for their remarkable discovery that hidden in cone snail’s potent venom is a non-opioid pain reliever. Their … Read more

Mt. Mayon in Albay

Mt. Mayon in Albay RARE VOLCANIC LANDFORM! You have never been to Bicol if you have not seen the rare sight of a mountain that looks like a cone. To continue our Bulkan Ng Bikol series, today we revisit Mt. Mayon in Albay. Majestic at a height of 2,462 meters, Mayon’s almost perfectly shaped cone … Read more

Hypotheses on Negrito Origins

Hypotheses on Negrito Origins According to dominant thoughts on human origins and variation during the colonial period until the mid-20th century, all dark-skinned, curly-haired, and small-statured people dispersed across Asia, Australia, and the islands of Oceania belong to a single race. Portrayals of racial categorization among indigenous groups and the colonials in illustrations and photographs … Read more

Kalabaw by Vicente Manansala

Kalabaw by Vicente Manansala  Did you know the carabao symbolizes diligence and determination? Keep it up! We’re almost there. Photo: “Kalabaw” (1965) by Vicente S. Manansala. On loan from the collection of the Philippine Center New York. You may want to read: Breeds of Carabao in the Philippines The Essence of Goodwill

Negritos of the Philippines

Negritos of the Philippines The Philippine Negritos. The word “Negrito”, a Spanish term pertaining to a small black person, was used by Spanish missionaries and chroniclers from the late 16th century onwards in documenting indigenous groups with dark-colored skin, curly or kinky hair and small-bodied physique. This term is also synonymous to “Negrillos” and “cimarrones”, … Read more