Senator of the Philippines: Things You Need To Know

  12 Senators of the Philippines will be elected next year, 2016.   Many Candidates have filed their candidacy to run for the position of Senator of the Philippines.   One of them is Alma Moreno. She is a Philippine actress and an incumbent councilor in the City of Paranaque.   Remember that controversial interview made by veteran… Read More »

Vice President of the Philippines

  There are at least 3 candidates vying for the position of Vice President of the Philippines.   The following are some of the candidates: [symple_bullets style=”red”] Senator Antonio Trillanes Senator Bongbong Marcos Senator Alan Peter Cayetano Representative Leni Robredo Senator Francis Escudero [/symple_bullets]   All these individuals are qualified. They are highly educated.   Senator Antonio Trillanes… Read More »

President of the Philippines: Things You Need To Know

  The President of the Philippines is considered the most powerful government position in the Philippines.   This position will be contested by at least 4 candidates in the coming 2016 presidential election.   The following will be trying their luck to win the Presidency in the 2016 Presidential election: [symple_bullets style=”blue”] Senator Grace Poe Mayor Rodrigo Duterte… Read More »

13th Month Pay: What Will You Do With It?

  13th Month Pay is 1/12th of the basic salary of an employee within a calendar year.   Under PD 851, a law enacted during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos, also known as the 13th Month Pay Law requires all employers to pay all their rank-and-file employees a 13th month pay not later than December 24 of… Read More »

APEC Philippines: Motorists Patience Were Tested

  The APEC Philippines is scheduled to be held on November 18 and 19, 2015 but most head of state of member economies began arriving today November 17.   The motorists patience were tested last night when traffic halted for 3 to 5 hours in Pasay City. Some motorists said they even wanted to leave their cars on… Read More »

Philippine Banks With No Maintaining Balance

  I wanted to open a Philippine Savings Account for the purpose of saving for a rainy day.   I have also a relative abroad that occasionally send me money by way of a remittance and I need a savings account for that purpose.   It has been my trait to sometimes withdraw all my money in the… Read More »

How To Save On Bank Fees and Charges?

  Perhaps once in your life, you were told by your parents to be thrifty and frugal because life is hard.   Most of you were told to save some money in the bank so you can have something to use in case of emergency.   You may have retained the habit of saving a portion of your… Read More »

What To Do If You Become A Victim of Laglag Bala?

  I stumbled upon this infographic on facebook on what to do in case you will become a victim of laglag bala in NAIA or other Philippine airports.   What To Do If A Bullet Is Found Inside Your Bag?   Stay Calm Firmly deny prior knowledge of the bullet.   Do Not Open Your bag unless [symple_bullets… Read More »

Laglag Taxi Driver Gang Members Arrested

  Laglag Taxi Driver Gang is a criminal syndicate operating in Metro Manila.   The Modus Operandi of the gang is to wait for a taxi to victimize. Once a particular taxi is determined, they will flag it and ride on the taxi.   Once the taxi reached a less densely populated and dark area with lots of… Read More »

Fake Cedula or Community Tax Certificate sold in NBI?

  The modus operandi of selling fake cedula or community tax certificate was discovered by the Manila Police District.   The act of selling fake cedula is being done even in front of government offices such as the NBI and the PRC.   The local government of Manila said that this fake cedula is being sold for (P50)… Read More »