Singkil by Trinidad

Singkil by Trinidad No achievement is too small enough to not be celebrated. Dance the Saturday away and treat yourself to the fruits of your labor. Photo: “Singkil” (1974) by Trinidad. On loan from the collection of the Philippine Center New York. You may want to read: The Ceiling Of The Parish Church Of La … Read more


Bugasong LIGO NA! It’s Friday! So, get up, and let’s honor our ancestors by taking a good bath. Did you know that bathing was a favorite activity of our grannies? In his photobook Recuerdos de Filipinas, Felíx Laureano observed how people, regardless of age, bathe in the morning, at noontime, after a day’s work in … Read more

Unofficial First President of the Philippines

Unofficial First President of the Philippines Andres Bonifacio also known as The Great Plebeian, Supremo of the Katipunan, the Father of the Philippine Revolution, and the Unofficial First President of the Philippines.  

New Tutuban Train Station

New Tutuban Train Station (Calle Mayhaligue) The New Tutuban Train Station, also known as the Tutuban Station Executive Building, was opened in 1996. It replaced the original Tutuban Station located 500 meters to the south. In front of the new tutuban station are several old locomotive models that were previously used by the Philippine National … Read more

Utak Utak

Utak Utak Tausug dishes deserve the spotlight for their rich diversity of flavors. Utak utak is a spiced fish cake made of shredded tuna meat mixed with spices and grated coconut meat. Ingredients are shaped either by hand or by using banana leaves then coated in a flour-egg-water combination for frying. Each bite is a … Read more