Queso de Bola

Queso de Bola is the Filipino term, from Spanish for “ball cheese”, for the Philippine version of the Edam cheese. It is a Dutch cheese in a spherical shape (usually slightly flattened at the top and bottom) and coated with red wax. Compared to the original version made in Edam, Netherlands, the queso de bola … Read more


Kesu It was National Cheese Day yesterday! How do you say “cheese” in your language? Did you know that Filipinos have their own version of the Dutch Edam cheese which is a local favorite Christmas food? KÉSU • (KEH-soo)cheeseTagálog (Filipino): késo EtymologyFrom Spanish queso “cheese” You may want to read: Queseo Queseo de Bola


Tomboy (all Philippine languages): a lesbian You may want to read: Bakla Baki

Pampanga Capital

Pampanga Capital:CITY OF SAN FERNANDOThe City of San Fernando is Pampanga’s capital and 2nd largest city. It is also the regional center of Central Luzon. It is named after King Ferdinand VI of Spain and placed under the patronage of Saint Ferdinand III of Castile and León, whose feast is celebrated every May 30. The … Read more


Sampernandu Pampanga’s capital celebrates its city fiesta today! Happy Fiesta Fernandinos! SAMPERNÁNDU • (suhm-pehr-NAHN-doo)informal/colloquial pronunciation & spelling of SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga’s capital, and 2nd largest city. Known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines and Home of the Giant Lanterns.