On this day, January 31

On this day, January 31, is the birthday of National Artist Jose M Maceda (1917). The official calendar of the Republic of the Philippines: an almanac of Philippine commemorations enlivened with illustrations and information. –Manila: Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office, [2014]. Today in 2020 the UK leaves the European Union, three years after … Read more

Jose Maceda

Jose Maceda (January 31, 1917) Today, January 31, is the 106th birth anniversary of National Artist Jose M. Maceda. Jose Maceda, composer, musicologist, teacher, and performer, explored the musicality of the Filipino deeply. Maceda embarked on a life-long dedication to the understanding and popularization of Filipino traditional music. Maceda‚Äôs research and fieldwork have resulted in … Read more

On this day, January 30

On this day, January 30, in 1899 the Supreme Court was established in place of the Audiencia Territorial de Manila. Don Cayetano Arellano was the president of the nine judges that made up it.https://kahimyang.com/january/page/6/ On this day in 1948, an assassin killed Mahatma Gandhi.https://www.britannica.com/on-this-day/January-30 On this day in 1998, the US FDA approved Dermabond, a … Read more

Kapampangan Words of Chinese Origins

Kapampangan Words of Chinese Origins Achi – older sister (from Hokkien a-chi)Koya – older brother (from Hokkien ko-ia)Ingkung – grandfather (from Hokkien in -kong)Cha – tea (from Cantonese tsa)Mochi – kapampangan glutinous rice delicacy (from Hokkien moa-chi)Sakobi – sago, tapioca pearls (from Hokkien sia-ko-bi)Sang – scallion, green onion (from Hokkien tsan)Suam – sauteed fish or … Read more

Don Roman Building

The Don Roman building is located along Escolta, Sta Cruz Manila. In front of Plaza Lacson (formerly Plaza Goiti) which leads to directly to Carriedo Street. First built in 1894 and expanded in 1957. You can see this building from afar when you drop by lrt Carriedo station.