Padilla House

Padilla House One of the more maintained heritage houses along Calle Hidalgo, Owned by the Padilla Family. The house stands at the corner of Calle Hidalgo and Calle Mendoza (De Guzman Street, with most of the house facing Mendoza. The house fell into disrepair but was rehabilitated in the 2010s and converted into the Padilla … Read more

The Zest Theater

The Zest Theater (built circa 1933 | status: demolished) was an art deco-style movie house that once stood along Calle Hidaldo, facing the junction of Calle Carcer. It once featured English movies and later Tagalog films. The theater eventually fell into disuse and was bought by the neighboring Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU). It was … Read more

Calle Hidalgo

CALLE HIDALGO: The Heart of Quiapo’s Heritage ZoneRenders and Models: Tin SacabonGraphics: Diego Torres Between Quiapo Church and San Sebastian Church lies Calle Hidalgo, a street full of stories and some of Quiapo’s remaining old-world beauty. Formerly known as Calle San Sebastian, this short street became famous when it became the address of some of … Read more

The Tagasalo

This draws from a paper all the way back in the 80’s, when Carandang suggested that the Tagasalo is usually the eldest daughter. While the boys were allowed to play, she is taught the ways of the homemaker. So, at work and everywhere else, this dynamic is continued when women are expected to be like … Read more

Ima, Ing Asu Tinakla Ya (Mother, the Dog Pooped!)

The animated short film Ima, Ing Asu Tinakla Ya (Mother, the Dog Pooped!), advocates for the promotion and usage of kulitan or Sulat Kapampangan – the Indigenous Kapampangan script that has survived since the 1300s. This was an official entry to NPF’s Rhizomatic Interventions in 2020. You may want to read: Fu Dogs at San … Read more