Graphite on paper artwork by Guillermo Tolentino

Graphite on paper artwork by Guillermo Tolentino Liberty Granting Independence to Filipinos This graphite on paper artwork by Guillermo Tolentino depicts Lady Liberty handing the Philippine Flag to a lady in traditional attire, symbolizing the Philippines. This drawing represents the United States granting the Philippines self-governance, officially recognized on July 4, 1946. Tolentino, the country’s … Read more

Plaza Lawton (Liwasang Bonifacio)

Graficos de Manila (Part 1)Plaza Lawton (Liwasang Bonifacio), ErmitaGraphics: Diego Torres Plaza Lawton, officially Liwasang Bonifacio, is South Manila’s gateway to Downtown Manila. Located on the bend of the Pasig River, Plaza Lawton forms the northern end of Ermita and its greenbelt or park area. Three bridges cross into the plaza, making it a transit … Read more

Bust of Juan Luna y Novicio

The “Bust of Juan Luna y Novicio” by Spanish sculptor Mariano Benlliure found its permanent home in the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) after being handed over by MIB Capital Corporation, which had safeguarded the sculpture in its vault since 1978. The bust, a testament to the friendship between Benlliure and Luna during the … Read more

El Gobernador y el Obispo

El Gobernador y el ObispoFelix Resurreccion Hidalgo1896 The El Gobernador y el Obispo is an oil painting by Filipino artist Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo (1855-1913). It shows Don Gomez Perez Dasmariñas, 7th Governor and Captain-General of the Philippines, and Fray Domingo de Salazar, a Dominican Friar and 1st Bishop of Manila deliberating about the dispatch of … Read more


Asog In early accounts written by Spaniards in the Visayas, they refer to the Asogs and note their gender nonconformity. They describe the Asog as being effeminate, living more like women by taking part in tasks usually assigned to women, such as weaving and cultivating. They even dress in women’s clothing, donning long skirts which … Read more