Bakla (Bisayan, Tagalog): homosexual, gay, Queer. You may want to read: Patron God of Homosexuality


Reyna Many roles in the Santacrúzan pageant bear the title of “queen” in them. The most beautiful girl or most important matron in the Santacruzan pageant is awarded the role of Queen Helena (Reina Elena) herself, who bears the crucifix in her arms as the symbol of the finding of the True Cross. How do … Read more


Sigariliu It was World No Tobacco Day yesterday which aims to raise awareness of the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use. How do you say “cigarette” in your language? SIGARÍLIU • (si-guh-REE-lyoo)cigaretteTagálog (Filipino): sigarílyo EtymologyFrom Spanish cigarrillo “cigarette” Derived WordPÁMANIGARÍLIU • (PAH-muh-ni-guh-REE-lyoo)cigarette smokingTagálog (Filipino): panínigarílyo Verb Conjugationmanigaríliu, mánigaríliu, ménigaríliu – to smoke cigarettes (Actor … Read more


Pengari June 1 is Global Day of Parents, so don’t forget to express our love and appreciation for our dear parents and parent figures today! PÉNGÁRI • (PEH-NGAH-ri)parentTagálog (Filipino): magúlang (root: gúlang “age”) Root WordARI • (AH-rih)(to) take after, (to) resemble one’s parent or ancestor; (to) end up likeTagálog (Filipino): túlad (“to be like”, verbs: … Read more


Buguy (Sugbuanon): boyish or butch lesbian. You may want to read: The Sogie Bill Bakla Tomboy