Mga Sayang Pumilaylay

In celebration of the 126th Anniversary of Philippine Independence, the NHCP Museo ni Emilio Aguinaldo and the Municipality of Kawit present “Mga Sáyang Pumilayláy: The Lilith Reyes-Perez Collection”. The exhibit will open on the 12th of June 2024, Wednesday, at 9:00 a.m. at the GF of the Aguinaldo Shrine. Mga Sáyang Pumilayláy is an exhibition … Read more

The Assassination of Governor Bustamante

The painting “El Asesinato del Gobernador Bustamante” (The Assassination of Governor Bustamante) by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, which hangs in the National Museum of Fine Arts, depicts a significant and controversial historical event. Governor-General Bustamante, upon assuming office in 1717, discovered significant losses in the Royal treasury and arrested several officials and members of religious corporations … Read more

Portrait of an Old Woman by Araceli Limcaco Dans

Portrait of an Old Woman by Araceli Limcaco DansARACELI LIMCACO DANS(1929-2024) The National Museum of the Philippines mourns the passing of Araceli Limcaco Dans, an artist, art educator, and Presidential Medal of Merit awardee for co-founding the Philippine Art Educators Association (PAEA). She was known for her hyperrealistic paintings of calado, an embroidered pineapple or … Read more

The Lost Cluster

The Lost Cluster On the north side of Calle Hidalgo, east of San Sabastian Bridge stands an area devoid of heritage structures and any points of interest. This row of bahay na bato structures was demolished one at a time starting in the 1970s and up until the 2000s. Only the massive Martelino House at … Read more

Padilla House

Padilla House One of the more maintained heritage houses along Calle Hidalgo, Owned by the Padilla Family. The house stands at the corner of Calle Hidalgo and Calle Mendoza (De Guzman Street, with most of the house facing Mendoza. The house fell into disrepair but was rehabilitated in the 2010s and converted into the Padilla … Read more