Satoran: Maranao Chess

During their leisure time, the sultan or datu play the satoran or chess with the members of the family in the torogan. The Malay names of the pieces were retained suck as datu for king, menteri for bishop and teer for the tower. The forms are also based on okir motifs that the horse (kuda) … Read more

Francisco Coching

Francisco Coching (January 29, 1919 – September 1, 1998) Remembering the life and works of National Artist for Visual Arts Francisco V. Coching on his 24th death anniversary. Francisco Coching was acknowledged as the “Dean of Filipino Illustrators”, a master storyteller in images and in print. His illustrations and novels are a product of that … Read more

Ensalada Chamba

Ensalada Chamba Meet the contrasting flavors of something smokey, sweet, and salty. La Vista del Mar captures the palate of every discerning foodie. Every serving comes with a generous amount of ingredients from grilled eggplant, sweet mangoes, and salted eggs – beautifully placed in a bowl that seduces the eye, inviting you for a bite! … Read more


Locot-Locot Don’t they look like crispy rolled pansit? This crunchy wafer is an artisanal snack made of galapong and thin syrup. We hope you can experience watching this theatrical presentation where the cook masterfully glides in motion. Locot-locot is also known as Jaa, Tagaktak, Tinagtag, Tinadtak, and Amik. To make this, one must use “ulayan”, … Read more

Knickerbocker Zamboanga

Knickerbocker Zamboanga Cool down with the iconic dessert of Zamboanga! Be a child again and take delight in a glass filled with flavored jellies and generous chunks of seasonal fruits doused in milk, crowned with strawberry ice cream! Devoid of sugar as the natural sweetness emanates from the medley of fruits and ice cream. Yum! … Read more