What are the three techniques used in basket weaving?

What are the three techniques used in basket weaving? There are various weaving techniques applied to basketry. The three major ones are plaiting(strips of material pass over or under each other at a more or less fixed angle), coiling (sewing stationary horizontal elements–which is the foundation with moving vertical elements–that is the stitch), and twining … Read more

Matimyas Bakery

Matimyas Bakery is located at 1000 Matimyas St. cor. Blumentritt Ext. Sampaloc, Manila. For order/inquiries, Call or Text 0917 322 4177. Matimyas Bakery was established in 1967 and has been known for its pugon-baked goodies. Have you tried their Egg Pie and Ube Egg Pie? 5-Layer Chocolate Cake: Php 350 Tres Leches: Php 345 Sticky … Read more


Alaskapena   ColdHazel Nut Mocha: 12oz-Php 85, 16oz-Php 105Caramel Macchiato: 12oz-Php 85, 16oz-Php 105Spanish Latte: 12oz-Php 70, 16oz-Php 90Vanilla Latte: 12oz-Php 80, 16oz-Php 95 HotHot Chocolate: Php 60Sagada-Arabica: Php 50Kalinga-Robusta: Php 50Benguet Blend: Php 50   Non-CoffeeMilk Strawberry: Php 75Strawberry Lychee: Php 65   Add OnsSugar Syrup: Php 5Chocolate Sauce: Php 10Caramel Sauce: Php 10Milk: … Read more

Where to report abusive lenders in the Philippines?

Where to report abusive lenders in the Philippines? Borrowers who wish to file a complaint against registered FCs/LCs may visit the Complaints tab on the Lending Companies and Financing Companies corner of the SEC website. The public may file complaints against individuals/companies engaged in lending activities without a license to the SEC Enforcement and Investor … Read more

Panaderia Dimas Alang

Panaderia Dimas Alang is one of the oldest bakeries in the Philippines. It is located at Mabini street in Pasig. The bakery is called “Panaderia Dimas Alang” which is derived from the pen name of Dr. Jose Rizal, who is a friend of the Raymundo Family who owns the bakery. Only here can you find … Read more