The Galleon Trade

The Galleon Trade One of the reasons why the Spaniards wanted to stay in the Philippines was because of the Galleon Trade. The trade was very profitable, and it made the Spaniards very rich. The Galleon Trade crossed the Pacific Ocean. It connected Asia with Mexico and with Europe. The word “trade” means the buying … Read more

Tatay Pep’s Sizzling & Tiger Milktea Shop

Tatay Pep’s Sizzling & Tiger Milktea Shop | @one_valenzuela Kaldereta ang star sa short orders ng Tatay Pep’s. WAG NA WAG ninyong kalimutang umorder nito. At magtake out. Tatay Pep’s Sizzling & Tiger Milktea Shop Located in front of Alfamart, Pinagbayanan, Lingunan, ValenzuelaOpen 10am – 12mn dailyDelivery via Toktok or Lalamove You may want to … Read more

The Parian

The Parian was the central market of Manila. It can be likened to our modern-day mall. It was here where Chinese merchants traded, and a lot can be bought here such as porcelain, silk, and other luxury goods. Here you can find tailors, studios, painters, bakers, barbers, sculptors, carpenters, printers, silver smiths, blacksmiths, glass smiths, … Read more

InLife Negosyo Challenge

What is InLife Negosyo Challenge? Join a dynamic cohort of 20 social enterprises making their mark in the Philippines. The InLife Negosyo Challenge is a gender-smart enabler for social enterprises that are addressing on-ground issues that directly impact the marginalized, or solutions that impact the climate. The program is designed to fan the flames of … Read more

BSP prohibited Rural Bank of Polomolok from doing business

The BSP prohibited the Rural Bank of Polomolok (South Cotabato) from doing business in the Philippines through MB Res. No. 985-A dated July 14, 2022, which also directed the PDIC, as Receiver, to proceed with the takeover and liquidation of the bank. PDIC took over the bank on July 18, 2022. Note: PDIC reminds borrowers … Read more