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Major Sources of Inflation in the Philippines

The following are the major sources of inflation in the Philippines: Food – 6.8% Non-Alcoholic Beverage – 11.1% Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco – 21.5% Clothing and Footwear – 2.4% Housing,Water,Electricity,Gas and Other Fuels – 5.6% Furnishings,Household Equipment and Maintenance – 3.3% Health – 3.7% Transport – 7.9% Communication – 0.5% Recreation and Culture – 0.9% Education – -0.3.9%… Read More »

LPG Business Philippines

LPG Business Philippines   The LPG Business in the Philippines is thriving. Almost all houses, even those in the far-flung areas in the provinces uses one.   Here is a link to those interested to engage in the business of LPG retailing or distribution. The Department of Energy (DOE) in stepping up its efforts to maximize safe use… Read More »

Landbank EMV Card Will Replace The Magnetic Stripe Card

Landbank EMV Card Will Replace The Magnetic Stripe Landbank Visa Debit and Regular ATM Cards.   The Landbank of the Philippines, one of the biggest bank in the country, has announced the released of the landbank EMV Card.   The Landbank EMV Card will replace the magnetic stripe landbank visa debit cards and landbank regular ATM cards which will… Read More »

Philippine Companies Engaged In Labor Only Contracting

The Department of labor and Employment (DOLE) lists the top 20 Philippine companies engaged in labor only contracting and suspected to be engaged in labor only contracting.   Jollibee Food Corporation is listed on top with more than 14,000 workers affected. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said that out of the 99,526 inspected establishment, 3777 companies… Read More »