K-12 SHS Program (HUMMS)

K-12 SHS Program (HUMMS)

K-12 SHS Program (HUMSS) Humanities and Social Science


The HUMSS strand is designed for those who wonder what is on the other side of the wall. In other words, you are ready to take on the world and talk to a lot of people. This strand focuses on improving your communication skills, you could be looking forward to becoming a teacher, lawyer, psychologist, writer, social worker, or reporter someday.

List of College Courses You Can Pursue

Social Science

BS in Economics
BS in Elementary Education
BS in Secondary Education
BS in Psychology
BS in Criminology
AB in Political Science
AB in Broadcasting
AB in Communication
AB in Journalism
AB in Mass Communication


AB in Philosophy
AB in English
AB in Language
AB in Linguistics
AB in Literature
AB in Filipino

Why Choose HUMSS?

It’s a strand focused on literature, politics, religion, and social sciences. It helps improve students’ reading, writing, speaking, and social skills. It will help you boost your self-confidence and the ability to connect with people. It will explore and expand one’s knowledge and understanding of culture, society, and self.

Specialized Subjects:

Creative Writing
Aims to develop practical and creative skills in reading and writing, and introduce fundamental techniques for writing fiction, poetry, and drama.

Creative Nonfiction
Focusing on formal elements and writing techniques, including autobiography and blogging.

Philippine Politics and Governance
This course introduces the students to basic concepts and vital elements of politics and governance from a historical-institutional perspective.

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