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November 2 is All Souls’ Day and the 2nd day of Dáun. It is a day of prayer and remembrance for the souls of our departed loved ones. Kapampángans have a special view of the “twin soul”, and this is possibly a reflection of its origin from the root word for “two”.

KALADUÂ • (kuh-luh-DWA’)
Tagálog (Filipino): káluluwa

Early Kapampángans believed in the idea of having a “twin soul”: one is “kalâ” which is the personal soul and the other is “nû” or the soul of the universe that lives through the land of their birth and sustains them in life.

Many Austronesian languages derive their word for “soul, spirit” from the Austronesian root for “two” (Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *duha, Proto-Austronesian *duSa).

Some examples of Philippine cognates include:

Ilocano: kararuá “soul; spirit”
Ibanag: ikararua “soul”
Dupaningan Agta: kaliduwa “soul”
Isneg: kaduduwā “soul”
Ibaloi: karashowa “spirit of a living person”
Pangasinan: kamarérua “soul”
Kapampángan: kaladuá “soul”
Tagalog: káluluwá “soul”
Hanunoo: karadwa “soul”
Mansaka: kallowa “soul”
Sangirese: hindua “soul”

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