TerDua | @kapampangan.words via Sinukwan Kapampangan Facebook page

TerDua is a ritual dance conceptualized by the Sinukwan Kapampangan dance group which depicts and visualizes the Kapampángan Holy Week (Maléldó) culture.

It was coined from the combination of the Kapampángan words térak which means “dance”, and kaladuâ which means “soul”, hence it means “dance of the soul”.

It is a form of prayer developed through movements and expressions of worship.

The TerDua reflects various movements of intimate connections to the creator (first phase) and self-expression of intentions and emotions (second phase).

TerDua also serves various therapeutic benefits.

It releases anxiety through meditative movements, which are a product of communication between the body and mind.

TerDua is a spiritual connection with your creator.

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